Writer Deepak Chaurasia explains over viral video where he bungled on TV

Writer Deepak Chaurasia explains over viral video where he bungled on TV

Writer Deepak Chaurasia has dispelled any confusion on the viral video cut where he had all the earmarks of being bobbling on-air while giving an account of the disastrous helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu last week which guaranteed lives of CDS Gen Bipin Rawat, his better half, and other staff of the Indian Armed Forces.

Chaurasia took to Facebook to say that he thanks those who had been asking about him in recent days yet it is presently an ideal opportunity to clear air.

He said that whatever showed up from the video was not the full truth. He said that there was a wedding in his family and keeping in mind that being essential for the festivals and moving, an old injury of his on his knee raised its hood. He said that since the show was related to such a significant occasion, he would have rather not had it. Subsequently, he flew in a pain reliever, he said. He added that there is a hairline break in his knee.

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“It was my error that I went on air while having had pain reliever in an enormous amount which had such secondary effect. I didn’t know about it. Consequently, subsequent to having taken pain reliever, rather than aiding me, it expanded my difficulties,” he said.

“Such a large number of things are said about the video which isn’t accurate. I have been a columnist for a long time and nobody needs to show me morals of news coverage,” he added.

He then, at that point, apologized to his watchers and furthermore expressed gratitude toward the people who have been requesting his prosperity since recent days.

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A video of the show being facilitated by Chaurasia had circulated around the web where he was bungling in real-time.

Chaurasia could be heard slurring and stirring up names and occasions and in any event, rehashing the same thing over and over while talking about the chopper crash misfortune.

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