Schools have opened in these states -Miles Taken

Schools have opened in these states -Miles Taken

Let’s go to school, in the midst of a fight with Corona, the old slogan of going to school and studying is now resonating anew. Slowly but with full care the state government is opening the school. 5 states opened schools with different clauses and conditions: So big decision coming from Lucknow, decided to open schools in Uttar Pradesh from 16th August. Schools will be opened with the presence of 50 percent of students. Corona rules will be followed. From today, schools have been opened for children in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chandigarh. From today children are also going to school. Schools open for junior class also in Punjab: Although still, the children’s fathers are scared. There is a fear in the mind of the parents of all the children about Corona. Yet, in many states, schools have been opened only for senior classes, after about 16 months, when the children reached school, everything seemed to have changed for them. Corona rules are being followed even inside the school, use of sanitizer from a social distance, wearing the mask. Schools have opened in Uttara Khand from class IX to XII, and V to VIII will open from August 16.

Also, recently the result of 12 classes came, it has been a very good result this time too. They are now ready for college admission. The way in which the entire admission process is starting for undergraduate courses from today.Although it was online last time too this time the result has gone above 99 percent.

Although it was online last time too this time the result has gone above 99 percent. On this, Professor PC Joshi of Du College said that. Looks like his time cut off will go a little higher but we will give full respect to the marks of those boards who are our boards. And strictly this time also on the basis of marks, this time we are going to give admission.

If we look at the big college then like SRCC College: Hindu College: Cutoffness here has already gone too high. And that has also been a matter of concern many times, this time when Result has been so good, how will it be this time because those who have got fewer marks have trouble: So on this matter, the professor said that whatever the big college is, only children with more marks always come, due to good results, this time the admissions will be more. Because after the cut-off date of the college, they have to take the children, so there can be over-admissions.

Even after admission, there are many problems like taking classes. And due to Corona, online classes were going on everywhere, whether it was school or college. Even after admission, there are many problems like taking classes. So on this also the professor said that as soon as we are sure that there is no danger and NHA will give much guidance to it. After that, we can start offline classes also.

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