The whole country is celebrating the 75th Independence Day and the eyes of the terrorists are on the whole country.

The whole country is celebrating the 75th Independence Day and the eyes of the terrorists are on the whole country.

As you all know today 75 Independence Day in our country: and the terrorists have kept their terrorist eyes on the whole country. But to thwart every conspiracy of the terrorists, such a maze of security is being prepared so that no bird can kill itself. Even if terrorists come themselves, they will not be able to penetrate it. Security forces on alert mode: Security agency of the whole country on alert mode: Terrorists are being closely monitored. Country’s army, country’s police on alert: and sheep secret maze has been prepared to shatter the nefarious conspiracies of terror. On August 15, from Delhi to Srinagar, the security forces are everywhere from the city to the outskirts and the army is keeping a close watch on the people coming and going:

Barricading has been put on the Delhi border, how alert the country’s security agency is: this can be gauged from this. Security forces gunned down a terrorist in Qazikund in Pulavam district of South Kashmir: A hand grenade was defused by a bomb squad in Amritsar, along with it to stand ready to shoot down a drone coming from across the border on the Sambha border of Jammu and Kashmir. Before August 15, the terrorists are showing their indifference by throwing grenades or firing on the security forces, the plan of the terrorists is very dangerous: In which he wants to dissolve the color of celebration of 75 Independence Day of Indians. On which the terrorists are attacking, the army of our country is also giving a quick response to their attack, the immediate ticket for the death of the terrorists is being cut.

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In Kashmir, the security forces inflicted a major blow on the plan of the terrorists on August 15: and thwarted their plan by killing 2 terrorists. 2 terrorists were killed in this encounter, the remaining terrorists managed to escape, the terrorist killed was suspected to be Pakistani: He has got 2 rocket launchers. In Qazigun, terrorists fired indiscriminately on Bsaf’s convoy, after which the security forces cordoned off the entire area. Terrorists hid in a godown near the highway of Jammu-Srinagar, today the security forces asked them to surrender and then the terrorists started firing. And when the security forces responded to those bullets, 2 terrorists were killed in it. When the security forces make such a tight siege for the terrorists, they do some such acts which show their cowardice.

Terrorists had hurled a grenade at the house of a BJP leader in which the 4-year-old nephew of BJP leader Jasveer Singh was killed. Along with this, 7 people in the family were injured. When this attack took place, it was around 7:30 in the evening and Jasveer Singh’s family was sitting on the terrace when an explosion broke out. The roof of the house turned red with blood, before anyone could understand anything, the terrorists had fled by throwing grenades. The family members are completely in shock: Many people are badly injured: A similar conspiracy was hatched in Amritsar but that conspiracy also failed by the terrorist and that bomb was blown up in the open space.

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