The devastation happening in Kinnaur

The devastation happening in Kinnaur

What would have been the most terrifying When the earth suddenly dragged you into the underworld while walking. What was the worst thing: when suddenly a cloud bursts over your head? What is most dangerous is when the debris falling from the mountains sweeps away everything like straw.
What happens most terrible: when the rock of the steep mountains is shattered you start falling down, that too a terrible scene on your life has come to the fore in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.

Suddenly the rocks started cracking in Kinnaur and the mountains started cracking and the stones started falling apart in this terrible accident, the bus of the passengers got hit. So far 10 people have died, 7 people have been evacuated: But still, a lot of people are buried under the rubble: The condition is very terrible.

The rocks were so shattered that the spectators were filled with spectators and the mountains appeared as if a sand dune had collapsed. In this accident, nature once showed its anger: in which the lives of more than 40 people have been affected.

Vivek Pandey PRO, ITBP said that

This whole area had a slope of 50 to 60 degrees: there was also a river towards the bottom, there was absolutely clear weather in it, there was no such message. And the 6 to 7 vehicles which were moving suddenly there was an area of 200 meters which was adjacent to the road, but stones started falling on it. Who knew that the earth would shake suddenly and the mountain would collapse. Who knew the mountain would collapse and a bus would come in its grip, which had 40 people. The traveling passengers will also know that their journey will be so painful, so dangerous in which his life was also in danger.

In this accident, there was a bus which had 32 seaters as well as a truck and 4 vehicles, 6 guides and people between 40 and 60. The pictures after the break of the rocks are very terrifying: which will also make the soul tremble. If seen, Kinnaur is now becoming another name for the havoc of nature. Just before the afternoon of August 11, at around 11:56, the mountain roared and there was an outcry.

Stoned soil debris fell indiscriminately, which caught many lives
Bus full of passengers got into the rubble. Along with this, two cars were also badly hit by nature.

This Himachal Roadways bus was going to deliver Muran town of Kinnaur before it fell a large part of the mountain passing through here. As scary as the picture is, its consequences are more in reality

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The bus which came in the grip of this accident has not been found yet: The officers are hoping if that bus is found as the trace of the bus has not been found physically. A message is being spread that the bus may have fallen down in the ditch and this bus was completely full of passengers. Most of the soldiers’ army was engaged in saving the people. The team of NDRF and SDRF are working together.

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