The border dispute between Assam and Mizoram is now crossing the boundaries – MilesTaken

The border dispute between Assam and Mizoram is now crossing the boundaries – MilesTaken

The growing border dispute between the two states.

Tension on the border of both the states: Both the states are in a lot of tension regarding the tension: the ruckus is increasing continuously from both sides, notices are being sent from both sides. To such an extent that the Mizoram Police has registered a case against the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma.

Such promptness on the Assam and Mizoram border: that even a single bird could not be killed, the CRPF has completely taken control of this Cachar area. Soldiers stationed all over the place: Keep an eye on every vehicle coming and going: Jawans posted near the same Lylepur police station in the Cachar area: On July 26, the police of both states became bloodthirsty. As a result of this dispute, 6 soldiers of Assam were killed. But even then both the states did not show an increase in learning anything new from that incident. Rather, two states, two governments, two police are engaged in equalizing the accounts with each other how should we find out?

An FIR is lodged in Mizoram on the Chief Minister of Assam, Hemanta Biswa. The Mizoram Police quickly summons 6 senior officers of Assam. A notice is sent to the Mizoram Police on behalf of the Assam Police that 6 officers are summoned for questioning. Assam Police reaches Delhi in search of Vanlal Vaina of Mizoram’s Rajya Sabha Parliament. That is, this fight has reached the first kill, if one state comes on the action then the other state comes in super action.

Mizoram Police is accused of Assam Police.

200 jawans of Assam Police stormed Mizoram Police Camp Assam Police tried to forcibly capture Mizoram Police. The firing of the light machine gun by Assam Police Mizoram Police had to respond to the firing of Assam Police. Assam Police also opened fire on civilians, which worsened the situation. In this, the first name of the accused who have been named Hemant Biswa Sharma: On the other hand, the Assam government is looking for evidence against Mizoram. A minister of the Government of Assam was firing towards that village. His allegation: that the Mizoram Police fired indiscriminately. His wish: that the villagers have given him some gunshots that went into firing that night, they say they should have a forensic test and the facts come out. Some of the firings took place from the Mizoram bunker: which is claimed by Assam.

Police barricades erected between the two states:

Mizoram vehicles are not being allowed to pass no one except Police Military Paramilitary is allowed to go beyond this barricade: A lot of Mizoram’s supply goes from Mizoram and as such now it can be a lot of trouble. Police army paramilitary deployed for the security of both the states: And now only the essential goods are being sent forward.

May this border dispute be over as soon as possible. So that people do not face any problem in doing business in coming and going and spread happiness in both the states.

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