NEWS: Panchshir became the neckbone of the Taliban for the Taliban who occupied 33 provinces of Afghanistan

NEWS: Panchshir became the neckbone of the Taliban for the Taliban who occupied 33 provinces of Afghanistan

Panchshir became the neckbone of the Taliban for the Taliban who occupied 33 provinces of Afghanistan. The Taliban did not see their pulse mistake in Panchshir, due to this indignation, the Taliban folded the internet and phone service in Panchshir.

The Taliban are in a hurry, the Taliban are upset in Panchshir, the Taliban’s new maneuver in Panchshir, the Taliban are scared of the lions of Panchshir. The lions of Panchshir are chewing gram nails to the Taliban who have occupied Afghanistan, the Taliban want to capture the whole of Afghanistan. But still, in Panchshir, the rule of Afghans with the spirit of sacrifice for the country is going on. The condition of the Taliban on Panchshir is getting worse, the Taliban has stopped internet service in Panchshir.

On the same side the Taliban also stopped the service of calls and messages: the Taliban stopped the telecom service in the whole of Panchshir: However a resident of Panchshir told that his telecom location channel near Panchshir: Taliban opened all means to capture Panchshir: But the capture of Panchshir remained only a dream for the Taliban: in Panchshir, the Taliban were going to live in the mind of Misl. In the meantime, the Taliban claimed that He captured an area of Panchshir: Faheem Dasti, a close aide of Ahmed Masur, said that the Taliban tried to capture an area of Panchshir. But the soldiers of Panchshir caught them and confiscated the weapons found from them.

To capture Panchshir on 23 August, the Taliban had sent 3000 boys to the border of Panchshir. But 9000 boys of Panchshir were ready to blow the heads of Taliban fighters. Most of those who joined the Popular Resistant Front were young soldiers and commanders who did not accept slavery. We want that such a system should be established in which the interests of all are taken care of, we have military and all facilities to fight.

We are ready for both war and peace against the Taliban. Panchshir The command of the Afghan Resident Force is in the hands of Ahmed Masood Jr., son of Sheru Panchshir. Afghanistan’s Karvahi President Amrula Salib also present in Panchsari: Afghanistan’s Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohamed also in Panchshir: They are not only fighting to save Panchshir from the Taliban but in preparation for a cross-border war to free Afghanistan from Taliban occupation

Amarula Salib has categorically refused to accept the Talibani rule. The Taliban, who got their thud on Panchshir, is spreading such news that it has a deal with Panchshir. Under the leadership of Ahmed Masood, talks have started between North Reliance and Taliban in Parwan, while giving process to this tactic of Taliban, Afghanistan Amrula Salib said in an interview that we believe that people should have direct participation in the government, we want women to have the right to education. People should get health facilities in return for non-violence against common people. We are talking to the Taliban but this conversation is not for Panchshir. For Afghanistan’s future:

In the talks led by the Taliban, he made it clear that there was no progress in the talks between the Taliban and Panchshir.

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