Farmer protest will not end soon

Farmer protest will not end soon

Neither politics is ending on farmers’ movement nor farmers’ movement.

As we know that after 26 January, the farmer entered Delhi, then in Jantar Mantar. Farmer MP has decorated. Today the farmer has reached Jantar Mantar. It is a short distance from the Parliament House.

Farmers say that they will reach Parliament House as soon as they jump. They believe that their voice will reach the Parliament House And the people there will raise their voice. If seen, the farmer is also the same: the attitude is also the same, only the place has changed. And after the entry in Delhi, the way of protesting farmers has also changed.

Now the Parliament of the farmers has also been decorated with the Parliament session.

Various types of speakers have been made for the farmer MP. Here the issue related to farmers will be discussed every day, now the farmers are 2 km away from the Parliament House. 200 farmers and farmer leaders have participated in this parliament of farmers.

To set up this Parliament, farmer leaders had already had 2 rounds of talks with the Delhi Police, after that the whole draft was decided. All the conditions have been discussed with their police and in what circumstances how Parliament will run.

This farmer has reached from Sindhu border.

Farmers will run their Parliament on this till 9th August. However, according to the conditions, the farmer got permission every day from 11 am to 5 pm: that is, after 5 pm, he would have to return to the border.

Meanwhile, the farmers and farmer leaders have to say this:

That the Modi government is betraying them and opposing them. Farmers say that they are being stopped in independent India. Due to Corona, only 200 farmers were allowed to attend Jantar Mantar: and farmers have been given ID cards so that no one else can enter. But in such a situation, when the Delhi Police checked on the border, there was panic. Tight security has been deployed at Jantar Mantar along with police 5 companies of Para Military also deployed: Women police are also deployed: The printed print is being guarded by the continuous CCTV cameras.

Aadhar card is required for every farmer and sub-nails are being checked. Farmers can’t go anywhere else from here. Till now the farmers were 25 km away from the Parliament House sitting on the border, but after coming to Jantar Mantar, they are now 2 km away.

8 months have passed since the move. Now how will the law between the farmer’s parliament and the country’s parliament reduce and how will the farmers’ displeasure be reduced? There is enthusiasm from both sides: neither the government is repealing the law nor the farmers are ready to back down.

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