Rajput women in Rajkot perform ‘Talwar Raas’, ‘liberals’ are triggered: Read about the tradition here

Rajput women in Rajkot perform ‘Talwar Raas’, ‘liberals’ are triggered: Read about the tradition here

To showcase the tradition of weapons training among women in some martial clans, over 200 Rajput women participated in ‘Talwar Raas’ in Rajkot on Tuesday at a five-day festival organized by the Royal family of Rajkot.

In ‘Talwar Raas’, Rajput women dress up in traditional colorful clothes and perform a traditional dance form using swords, displaying various skills. Kadambari Devi, the princess of the Royal family of Rajkot said, “Talwar Raas has been held for the last twelve years. Every year there is a new group and women participate with full enthusiasm.”

“The sword is like a goddess and that is why we do Shastra Puja,” added Kadambari Devi.

The event is to keep alive the history of Rajput women warriors and send out a message that women today are just as powerful as they were years back.

‘Liberals’ diss at women exhibiting strength and skills

The ‘Talwar Raas’, however, has not been well received by the so-called liberals who claim to champion the cause of women’s empowerment. From comparing it to Muharram to calling it ‘Sanghi terrorism,’ the liberals were frightened by the sight of women displaying power and strength.

“This could be tricky. Whether call it Upper Caste Supremacy, or Women Empowerment or Simply Sanghi Terrorism?” Tweeted a user.

“Age of sword has gone, now is the Era of education. What is %of Rajput women who secured degrees?” questioned one Satish Patil.

Whereas, one Jitesh said, “Similar to Muharram procession without blindfolds in my book.”

Ironically, the nay-sayers will have no qualms promoting foreign ‘self-defense’ techniques but shiver at the sight of traditional Indian art and culture.

What is ‘Talwar Raas’

As per Dr Utpala Desai, a scholar of the folk traditions of Gujarat, Talwar Raas was created to commemorate Rajput war heroes who died in the historic war of Bhuchar Mori (July 18, 1591).

This is not the only Raas performed in Gujarat. Around six types of Raas are performed by various communities including the agrarian community, warrior community, seafaring community, and even Muslim Maldhari community.

The description of Raas can also be found in various Puranas like Harivamsa Purana, Vishnu Purana, and Bhagavad Purana. It typically involves 16-20 musicians and dancers with a set structure.

Elated to be a part of the program, one participant said, “Wars have been fought using swords and it’s a part of Rajput society. It is believed that Rajput women stay veiled inside their homes and don’t step out due to fear, but today these women are displaying their sword skills without any fear.”

“Swords have an extremely important place in our community and without it a Rajput is incomplete,” said another participant, Kiribati.

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