Racial mass gathering is a sensitive issue of Indian politics read all details

Racial mass gathering is a sensitive issue of Indian politics read all details

Why the demand for caste census?

OBC reservation On the basis of the census of 1931, 52 percent of the number of OBC has come to the fore. In India, since 1990, when 27 percent of the reservation was given to the OBC, the basis of this census was made in 1931. Now from the new figures of castes, the demand for removing the total 50 percent limit of the reservation may arise. Here out of the 2633 OBC castes present in the central list, only a few took advantage of the observation in a big way. According to the Rohini commission, 983 OBC castes got a naked share in job education, 97 percent jobs, and 25 percent OBC castes were admitted. New castes: Long arguments of social justice are made from the census, but it also has some dangers: This increases the feelings of caste animosity in the society. New politics of backward and backward caste can start and a new population of castes can also create some new situations. In 1911, social minorities were found in the upper castes, such a situation can come to the fore. The demand for caste census in 2021 has been denied by the central government: the government is not releasing the caste figures in the 2011 Social Economic Survey. Such a question arises that what is the problem with the government because while being in the opposition, BJP had openly demanded a caste mass gathering.

So many questions arise in this?

The first question Can an increase or decrease in the OBS share affect the current political equations?

The second question is the possibility of a hole in the BJP’s winning formula of obs politics?

The third question is, whose participation as much as it is not easy to handle the effect of the slogan of participation?

The fourth question is, will the new issue of reservation come up before the government?

The decision not to release new caste figures seems to have come after a bond from within the government. When the Social Economic Survey data was prepared in 2016, it decided not to release it on the basis of discrepancy in the caste figures. But an expert group has examined these figures, there is no information about what happened to the report of the expert group. In 2018, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh assured to count the castes in the census of 2021. But when the government has backed out from giving the new caste figures, it may have the effect of some new understanding of politics.

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