Public knock on the slow pace of Darbhanga AIIMS

Public knock on the slow pace of Darbhanga AIIMS

Promise to the public to build AIIMS Hospital in Darbhanga area of Bihar.

As inflation is not being seen in Uttar Pradesh, similarly, the AIIMS hospital which was announced 6 years ago in Darbhanga, Bihar can’t even see it. Then in Bihar, such a service starts on behalf of some children, which gives a unique knock-in itself, a car service starts giving the promise of AIIMS hospital to the governments.

In which bricks are tied from house to house, but why let us know.

Where the hospital was to be built, it was far away and a huge garbage pond: animals are roaming freely whether you look from right to left or from left to right. But the hospital on that land of Darbhanga is not getting to see even a brick of it. Which was announced 6 years ago in 2015.

The announcement of making an airport in Darbhanga was made in 2014 and by 2020 the airport was made and the flight started flying, the flight service starts but the treatment service is not. In Darbhanga for AIIMS in 2015, after 5 years of planning, the cabinet got approval and its matter got stuck. In the year 2020, just before the elections, the Union Cabinet approved the Darbhagna AIIMS, but you all will be surprised to know but the state government has taken steps to make it. About 200 acres of land was not even transferred to the central government:

In Darbhanga, where the work was to be done at a cost of 1264 crores, where 6 years ago it was decided to build an area of 200 acres. Jha was approved for 650 beds. The government system is looking sluggish in the name of science. As earlier the people of the village were taking bricks from house to house and writing Shri Ram on it to remind that the construction of Ram temple is incomplete: Similarly, now a group of some people is also going from house to house, taking bricks and writing primes on it and reminding that the primes hospital has not been built yet.

After all, you people must have also thought that why it is necessary to have an AIIMS hospital here.

On this, a young man from the village said that most of the people of our area migrate to Delhi Mumbai to get treatment. So he wants that the Darbhanga Primes which has been announced should be constructed as soon as possible so that thousands of families who have to go to Delhi have to go to Mumbai to get rid of that thing.

Rural people of Darbhanga.

He said that every person would be benefited by building a hospital, those people spend lakhs of crores of rupees on fruits, but if they are made, they will get the most facility will be available there. That’s why primes should be made, if the government itself is not doing anything, then we ourselves will put bricks from the house.

Government work would have been like this, instead of 6, 12 years would have passed and what would happen?

Bihar did not respond to 3 letters of the Center between June 2015 and 2016 after the announcement of Darbhanga AIIMS in the 2015 budget. From August 2016 to 2018, only the dispute between the center and the state continued, till 2018, the Bihar government did not finalize the land to the center. The land was finalized in 2020 and the cabinet approved it, then in March 2021, it was found that the Minister of State for Health Ashwin Choubey had told the Bihar government. The land has not been finalized yet and the Health Minister of Bihar says that the process will take time.

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