PM Modi saved everyone’s life, said Bihar Minister Ram Surat Rai

Bihar’s Sewa Ram Surat Rai, a BJP leader, is at the center of attention for his praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

An implied video has been circulated on the web via online entertainment in which the clergy must be seen marching under a covered roof in front of a small group for income and land change.


What said Ram Surat Rai in Video?

If all of you are alive today, it is the result of Narendra Modi,” the pastor, apparently not a devotee of control over the discourse, can be heard saying in the video.

Take a look at the destruction wrought by Covid in Pakistan and elsewhere. We were saved by Modi’s antibodies and his clever treatment of the economy,” he said.

The video was probably shot last week in the Muzaffarpur area in which Rai is located.


Why he came again and again in news?

The priest has been in the news time and again in the new past for his wildness.

In the intensity of the Counter Agneepath battle, he had designated the illegal fighters as “terrorists” (psychological extremists), possibly causing much irritation to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s JD(U), which has taken a stand on the unrest. Took a thoughtful approach. ,


Last month, his outburst against the CM’s disapproval over the steps and postings of over 100 officers, likewise actually surfaced anew.

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