Once again terrorists were killed in Kashmir by the Indian army.

Once again terrorists were killed in Kashmir by the Indian army.

As we know, terrorists keep on attacking Kashmir for the last many years. And they attack very ruthlessly, they make anyone their victim, they mostly make women and children their victims. But now the security forces of our country India are also deployed with full preparation and are always deployed for the people of our country. There has been an attack in Kashmir like this one more time, let’s see about it too.

This news is from Kashmir’s Sopore area.

2 terrorists have been killed with the help of security forces in Sopore, Kashmir. However, even after this, the search operation is still going on. The top commander of Lashkar was also included in the dead terrorists: This Lashkar was involved in many terrorist incidents. The name of the top commander of this Lashkar was Fayaz War. This is a big win for us. Still, an encounter is going on on him, it is being speculated that there may be more terrorists on him. No terrorist is being spared in Kashmir, the security forces of our country are killing all the terrorists.

Even after killing 2 terrorists, the search operation is still going on from the security forces. So that other terrorists can also be traced and they can also be eliminated.

With this, there is another thing of happiness for us.

In which a drone was seen by the security forces inside Kashmir, it has been captured after falling down. This drone was seen in Akhnoor. The security force has received an IED from this captured drone. A lot of drones were being sighted for the past few weeks but this time it was shot down by the security forces: However, the last time when the Kashmir airbase drone was shot down, the attack took place, after which the forensic report that came was revealed. That also included nagging along with IED. Now the thing to find out is that the ED has been recovered: what is in it or how is it being operated.

We all know that ever since the drone attack on the Jammu airbase, a lot of drone sightings are being done. It is very important for us to know why these attacks are being done again and again and what is the purpose behind this attack.

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