Nusrat Jahan, who is engaged to PTI, becomes a mother and she will take care of the child alone

Nusrat Jahan, who is engaged to PTI, becomes a mother and she will take care of the child alone

Famous Bengali actress and mother of parliament Nusrat Jahan has become a mother.

She was admitted to the hospital in Kolkata on the night of 25 August, after which she gave birth to a little prince on 26 August. Nusrat Jahan is being congratulated a lot on social media for becoming a mother, but in the midst of all this, a question is arising in the minds of all the people.

And that question is Nusrat Jahan, who was separated from her husband, in films: As you all know, Nusrat Jahan married businessman Nikhil Jain.

But both of them have now separated from this bond of marriage, but there was a dispute about Nusrat Jahan’s pregnancy when her husband did not know anything about it. After this dispute, both of them had made a lot of allegations against each other and at this time there was also news of Nusrat Jahan having an affair with Bengali actor Yash Dasgupta.

Nikhil Jain had indicated Yash Dasgupta was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, Nikhil had also indicated that Yash and Nusrat were having an affair. Nikhil Jain had told that during the shooting of a film in August 2020, Nusrat’s attitudes had started changing, during which Nikhil and Yash had A film of Nikhil and Yash was released, the name of the movie was Sos Kolkata. Nusrat was putting a lot of photos of Yash, both of them had promoted the movie together. Nusrat and Yash Dasgupta had a photoshoot done.

Where the closeness of both was clearly visible, Nusrat and Yash never confirmed their relationship, at the time of delivery, Yash took Nusrat to the hospital. After the delivery of Nusrat, Yash has also given a health app about her and her child.

He told that the health of Nusrat and the child is fine: Nusrat had called the marriage invalid after separating from Nikhil. Nusrat had said that marriage was invalid due to being in a foreign land: Both Nikhil and Nusrat were between different religions. That is why there was a need to give constitutional recognition to this marriage in India, but it happened that legally this marriage is not valid.

Rather, it is a relationship or a living relationship: that’s why the question of Kalb does not arise, Nusrat, while replying to Nikhil, wrote that Whenever they lived together after marriage, they had asked to register the marriage many times but Nikhil ignored this fact every time.

On 5th November 2020, Nusrat shifted to her personal flat with her bag and luggage and after that Nikhil and Nusrat never lived together.

Nusrat keeps all her personal documents with her, where Nusrat called the marriage invalid: The same Nikhil said that he considers this marriage to be legal. Nikhil raised a lot of questions on Nusrat regarding marriage, the relationship of both proved to be very fruitless, Nusrat also called Nikhil to make fun of the marriage.

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Nusrat and Nikhil Jain had a destination wedding in Turkey, in the year 2018, they came into the relationship, within a year they had decided to get married. Then in 2019, Nikhil and Nusrat did a lot of photoshoots after their wedding at a hotel in Turkey.

Both were looking very romantic in the photos, their pair looked like a good couple but their marriage broke up in a short time. Now a new life has started and in such a situation Nusrat Jahan is celebrating the happiness of becoming a mother in a very good way.

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