Now people will also be able to go to Ayodhya by bullet train

Now people will also be able to go to Ayodhya by bullet train

As you all know the first bullet train in India was started in 2018 and this train goes from Delhi to Varanasi. We also know that train as Train 18, this train is also one of the high-speed bullet trains. After this, the work going on on the bullet train was discussed in many places: one has come to the fore, which will be a very beautiful and happy journey. This train is running between a distance of 865 km.

The journey to reach Ayodhya and Lord Shiva Vishwanath Kashi, the city of Ram Lalla, is going to be easy.

Now the plans to run bullet trains on this route have gained momentum. National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited [ NHSRCL ] running bullet train in our country expressed the hope that Delhi-Varanasi Corridor Final DPR i.e. Detail Project Report would be ready in September. Starting from Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan to Pt Modi’s parliamentary constituency Varanasi, the final DPR report will be presented by September next month for a route of about 865 km. In view of the Jewar airport to be built on Yamuna Express, a framework is also being prepared to lengthen the bullet train from the airport.

This route will start from Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan, will become the first station of UP in Sector 144 of Noida. The second station of the same bullet train will be Vivar International Airport, there will be a total of 12 stations between the Delhi-Varanasi route. For a distance of more than 865 km, this route starts from Delhi via Noida Mathura Agra Etawah Kannauj Lucknow Ayodhya Rai Barelli will go to Prayagraj and Varanasi.

On this corridor, the bullet train will run on an elevated lobby, which will be about 10 meters in height. The specialty of the corridor is that this bullet train will start from Delhi and will go till Pt Modi’s Parliamentary Varanasi. This train will also be from Ayodhya, the city of Ram Lalla. The plan of bullet train will be a very easy journey for the devotees going from Delhi to Varanasi.

It will now take only 4 hours to go from Delhi to Varanasi. Such is the expectation that HSRCL has released the final report of this train from Delhi to Varanasi. Last year, the final DPR report was presented on October 29. And now this year from 2021 onwards the work on the final paper report has also started and this work is expected to be completed in the next month i.e. September. Traffic footfall has also been mentioned for bullet trains in populated areas in the areas of this route.

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Apart from Delhi-Varanasi Corridor, the work of the subway of the bullet train scheme is going on fast on other routes also. Routes on which subway work underway includes Varanasi-Howrah, Mumbai-Nagpur, Delhi-Ahmedabad, Chennai-Masook, Delhi-Amritsar, and Mumbai-Ahmedabad are involved. As soon as the survey is completed, National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited will hand over the entire DPR to the Ministry of Railways by December 2023. So now your journey is going to be very easy.

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