Now travelling in train can be dangerous due to flood

Now travelling in train can be dangerous due to flood

India was battling a very terrible epidemic and still battling it.

Whose name is Corona Pandemic: Lockdown was done in all the states to stop this epidemic. Ever since the second wave of this epidemic came, everything was closed to her but she is slowly trying to phone the Delhi government. Keeping this in mind, the Delhi government has taken a big decision.

In which he has ordered to open many things

First of all, Delhi Metro will run with 100 percent consent.

Cinema hall multiplex will open with 50 percent.

Delhi DTC bus will run with 100%.

100 people allowed to attend wedding ceremony and funeral.

All these rules will be applicable in Delhi from Monday.

With this, he ate: that the corona disease has not gone yet, there is still a danger of the third wave coming, so everyone must wear a mask. Metro cinema hall multiplex wedding hour funeral gets crowded so it is also important to maintain social distance.

With this, a lot of bad condition is being seen that too due to the rainy season.

It was seen at one place that 2 employees of the electricity department had gone to repair the high voltage wire.  But there was such a boom in the Sun river that both the employees were stuck on the same and at first’ both tried to cross the river with safety belt with the help of an electric wire. But both could not succeed due to the distance away. After this, the NDRF team landed both the employees safely. This accident happened in Palghar, Maharashtra.

If seen, this is not a lonely place: many such places, villages of villages are submerged in water. With this, the estimates are that I still fear that these areas will be full for 2 more days:

So far 43 people have died due to landslides in Raigad’ Maharashtra and still’ 50 people are feared trapped under the debris: Whose constant investigation was done: Due to heavy rains and debris, the land has become like a swamp. Due to which people are facing a lot of difficulties in getting out of them.

A similar incident was seen on a train.

This train got hit due to torrential rain. You must have never seen or heard this story. There is a push of the water on the windows of the train coach as if it is trying desperately to open inside And this is happening when all the windows of the train are completely closed. The water’s edge is still making its way even though the window is closed. The coach of the train derailed in front of the water. Debris on both sides of the train: and the reason for this condition of the train is also the debris: This accident happened with Nizamuddin Vasco di Gama Express. This train was diverted due to water filling the rail track near Chiplun, but the train faced stormy rain in Belagavi. Due to the stormy rain, the tracks of the track were uprooted near the Dughsagar – Sonolim section due to which some coaches of the train got derailed.

Many more such situations are being seen in other places. Where the water is submerged in water, and there is only water on both sides of the tracks.

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