National Highway disappeared due to the slip of a mountain in Himachal Pradesh

National Highway disappeared due to the slip of a mountain in Himachal Pradesh

A lot of trouble is caused by slipping mountains.

When the mountain slipped in Simaur, Himachal Pradesh, the entire national highway disappeared. After the rain that wreaked havoc on the railway camp near Darjeeling, many mountains were scared and many laborers were washed away in Sehlab. Somewhere in Uttarkashi yesterday evening, part of the mountain came to the ground on the side of the highway. Even in Tehri, the way is closed due to the slipping off the mountain, so Kalimpong also blocked the way. But the most dangerous accident happened in Simur, Himachal Pradesh: Due to the slipping of the mountain. If the wall fell in the market, then many vehicles came under its grip.

You have never heard or seen this dangerous news of landslides. In this incident, the entire mountain was shifted together and when the mountain slipped, it also destroyed the National Highway. At the bottom of the mountain, the ground started to move, then the soil above and below the mountain started to move. Soon a part of the mountain went down with flooding. After the landslide, a part of the National Highway disappeared as if it had never been a road before. But the remaining part of this road, which was visible on both sides, is a reminder: of how rough this road was built. The accident happened at around 8:00 a.m. in the morning. Dozens of vehicles were on that road at the time when this accident happened, but seeing the stones falling from the mountain, people sensed the danger and people got away in time which is a piece of great news. And this is the reason: When this horrific landslide happened, not a single vehicle was hit by it. But due to the slipping of a part of the National Highway, communication has been lost. At the same time, there was a blackout in the entire area due to the breaking of electric poles. These areas have been raining heavily for several days, the Meteorological Department has issued a red alert for these areas.

Another dangerous accident in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi.

An accident was seen in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi. In Mandi’s Ramnagar, the parking wall collapsed and the roof fell on the vehicles, and 6 vehicles were hit by it. This accident happened after heavy rain overnight. With heavy rains, a mountain of trouble is breaking on Himachal Pradesh. Simaur told this Landslad what is the meaning of Red Alert. At the same time, it was explained that how these roads are made raw on the Himalayan mountain and how dangerous it is for life to walk on them. The mountains are warning again and again that on July 25, in Kinnaur, stones were raining from the hills, the iron bridge also broke like a straw and the prose was shattered. 9 people lost their lives in this, one of them was Dr. Deepa Sharma.

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