Massive landslide occurred in Raigad of Maharashtra

Massive landslide occurred in Raigad of Maharashtra

The heavy impact of the monsoon is visible in the state of Maharashtra.

This accident happened in Raigad, Maharashtra. There was an accident in Raigad, Maharashtra, due to the slide of the mountain: 36 people have died in it. In view of this incident, the Home Minister of our country, Shri Amit Shah spoke to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Udhav. After this conversation, the Home Minister offered to provide all possible help to Uddhav. The bodies of these 36 people have been found at the same place and it is being estimated that 30 to 35 more people are likely to be found.

The way it is raining heavily in Maharashtra, the damage is also happening in the same way. Due to this very heavy floods are being seen in many districts of Maharashtra. NDRF army and Coast Guard had to descend for the rescue operation. Due to the rain in Thane, Maharashtra, the entire area has become water. It rained so much that even people’s houses were filled with water.

NDRF had to save the people to get out of the house and escape.  And after escaping them, those people are taking them to a safe place.

This rain is causing a lot of damage

There are floods in many areas, some roads, highways have been closed, some subways connecting two places have been closed. Due to the sliding of the ground, debris has fallen on the highway at some places, due to which those highways and roads are closed: If the dams are being opened to reduce the water, then the people around are afraid of that too. At some place, it has increased so strongly that the water has reached 1 floor, due to which the ground floor and 1 floor of the house have been submerged.

In this rain, many houses are getting destroyed, people are getting lost, many people are getting washed away in the flood, so many people are dying. Lots of people try to cross the path by putting their lives in danger, then those people also get caught in the rage, so many people get saved.

If the rain is calming somewhere, then after that even worse situations are coming out. Mud is visible everywhere, debris is hurting everywhere Due to which even more lives are at risk.

People’s lives are also in danger:

The lives of all those who are helping to save the people are also in danger: Now the lives of the people of NDRF or the soldiers of the Coast Guard are in danger: Because a lot of precautions have to be taken to save the people because when the responsibility of saving the lives of many people is on them: And at the same time they have to protect themselves as well as save their lives.

All the people who are engaged in saving the people of our country: I thank them very much. I hope you and your family have lots of happiness.

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