Who is Mangal Singh & What is Mangal Yadav Productions?

Who is Mangal Singh & What is Mangal Yadav Productions?

Hello readers and welcome to MilesTaken. In this article, you will read about Mangal Singh.

Who is Mangal Singh?

Mangal Singh is a 19-Year-old guy who was famous for his mod games. His real name is Mangal Singh where Singh is his middle name which is removed from his youtube channel name that is Mangal Singh productions but soon he will change it to only ‘Mangal Singh’ He was creating mod versions of a wrestling game named wr3d. His all mod games were famous for their unique features and attractive looks. He was receiving million of downloads on his games but later he left full-time gaming and he started doing it part-time because he went into the digital marketing industry. In the era of Pubg, Free fire he was still getting lakhs of downloads on his games after that he totally lost interest in his games because he went to establish his online start-up named LinksAdverts.com and after several months he also gets success in his startup not only this he is also working as a digital marketer.

What is Mangal Yadav Productions?

Mangal Yadav productions were actually his youtube channel name where he upload wr3d game mods. He name it as a product label because he was thinking to establish a channel that makes all modified versions of games but later he didn’t do that because of his personal problems but as I said above that he went into the digital marketing industry so later he named his digital marketing agency as Mangal Yadav production where he works for different-different websites. In digital marketing, his work is mainly famous for AdSense approval in which he manages the whole website for getting Adsense approval.

Where is Mangal now?

Mangal is actually working as a full-timer in LinksAdverts.com and he is doing mods at Youtube part-time that’s why people think that he is not active online but actually he is not doing content creation full time so that’s why there are so fewer videos and fewer content on his social media handles.

What is LinksAdverts by Mangal Singh?

LinksAdverts is a link shortener tool website by Mangal Singh. You can short your long and messy link into short and branded links free of cost at linksadverts.com which is created by Mangal Singh.

How many subscribers/followers does Mangal Singh have?

  • Mangal Singh has almost 30 thousand subscribers on youtube
  • Million of total views on Youtube.
  • 2 Thousand Partners on his websites who get paid from Mangal on monthly basis.
  • His highest downloaded game has 2.6 Million Downloads.

What are Mangal Singh’s earnings?

His youtube Adsense earning is between 100$-150$
His sponsored earning is between 50-60$
His Digital marketing earnings is around 300$ (as calculated by the team)
There is no public data for his Start-up business revenue.

How can we contact Mangal Singh?

contacting Mangal Singh is very simple. His all social media handles are publicly available by himself and he also replies to his messages and DMS. We have provided his contact links below:-

Facebook ID: Mangal Singh

Instagram ID: @TheMangalSingha
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