Mangal Yadav Productions is about to release their most awaited Wr3d video on 10 August on Youtube

Mangal Yadav Productions is about to release their most awaited Wr3d video on 10 August on Youtube

Most awaited Wr3d Game of Mangal Yadav Productions

Many people still don’t know that why the upcoming game video of Mangal Yadav productions is the most awaited?

let us explain, Mangal Yadav Productions is one of the biggest Bloggers who create wrestling games basically he only creates one wrestling game named Wrestling Revolution 3d. He had created only 5 Wr3d games till now and guess what those all 5 game are the huge hit of the WR3D community because they crossed downloads in millions so keeping all things aside On 26 September he announced that he is going to create a Wr3d 2k21 game it will be the best game till now and he also announced the release date of his game but here’s the twist in the game that he cancelled his wr3d 2k21 game and he released his another game Named Wr3d 2k16 which was the big surprise for everyone because It was launched in just one month and people also enjoyed it because that game was giving old vibes of WWE but people was also confused and sad at the same time that why he cancelled WR3D 2K21 game? however, he still didn’t give any valid reason that why he cancelled his game and after almost 1 year outta nowhere, he dropped the final teaser with the release date of the WR3D 2K21 game. In that video, he has shown a small look of his game and he also updated people that he had made some changes in that game and he is releasing his game on 10 August 2021.


if you don’t know who is Mangal Yadav Productions and why there are so many articles on him and why he is in the trending then read the short intro paragraph below-

Who is Mangal Yadav Productions?

Mangal Yadav Productions was established on Youtube in 2018 by the talented guy “Mangal Singh Yadav”. Mangal Singh mainly posts versions of wrestling games but in future, he will also upload gaming videos on his channel and he can change his name to “Mangal Singh” and after that, he can upload gameplay videos on his channels but at the current time in 2021 he is only posting game apk of wr3d. He comes to the list of mainstream WR3D Youtubers some of his fans also claim that he is the legend of his community.

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