Khorasan became America’s number 1 enemy

Khorasan became America’s number 1 enemy

America is a friend of the Taliban: and the Taliban a friend of al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda a friend of Pakistan: a friend of the Haqqani network of Pakistan: And Haqqani network Khorasan’s friend: And Khorasan has now become America’s enemy number 1.

No. 1 enemy of Taliban Khorasan: It is a matter of understanding that only such a cycle is formed, by continuing to cycle in the cycle, terrorism does not end.  20 years are not less, 20 years are 240 months, 7200 days, 172800 hours, and if a superpower vows to choke to end the every time Terror. So crores of billions of moments were destroyed, that resolution of every time was not known.

Before the withdrawal of American troops, 10,000 jihadists from Central Asia, Russia’s Caucasus region, Pakistan, and China’s Xinjiang have come to Afghanistan. This is from the jihadist Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Khorasan, this is included in a 2021 UN report. In the last 20 years, America has included many big terrorists in the list of global terrorists in the United Nations Assembly.

Millions of dollars rewarded, see what happened to these terrorists in 20 years.

Mullah Hassan Akhund, one of the oldest members of the Taliban, broke the statue of Gautam Buddha in Bamiyan and was included in the list of global terrorists of the United Nations. And also this Prime Minister of Afghanistan:

Mullah Abdul Ghani “Brother” Mullah Omar’s relative America was looking for this since the 911 attack, America spoke to this in Doha And the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Global Terrorist in the list of the United Nations, currently the Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan:

Sirajuddin Haqqani This: The head of the Haqqani network and close to bin Laden, America’s largest investigative agency has kept its reward of 37 crores in the FBI itself. The assassination of American soldiers, the attack on the US embassy in Kabul, and the mastermind of all anti-US terror activities: this and now the Home Minister in Afghanistan.

And the Taliban: There is not much difference in it and the Taliban who has just formed the government, there are many such faces in it: who is a most wanted terrorist declared. And the price remains on him and how he will govern now, only time will tell but this is the truth: The biggest threat that will emerge today is that of the Islamic State Khorasan in Afghanistan and to some extent Al Qaeda.

Behat long list hai America, whom America was looking for for 20 years, many of those big terrorists were found in the Taliban cabinet after 20 years. Maybe after some time some of these foreigners will be seen joining hands with Biden in the White House to expand the diplomacy and relations. Just like the Mujahid of Afghanistan at the Whitehouse in 1986 but terrorists for the world President Ronald Wilson was seen extending his hand of friendship with Reagan.

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