What did the BJP leader said on Judge accident controversy?

What did the BJP leader said on Judge accident controversy?

This accident happened in Dhanbad. The person who died is a judge: And in the court of which he was a judge, the case of many goons is going on. When the judge was hearing this case, then the question should arise: Was the judge killed under conspiracy? And it was shown that this was not a murder, but an accident: and the questions are being sharpened because the auto that the police caught is of theft: So it is necessary to think: what is the truth of this death: and who is doing such goons in Dhanbad. This is Dhanbad wherein the Wasseypur area of ​​such stories, everyone has seen the echo of such stories through Bollywood, here the conspiracy is often seen wearing the mask of an accident: After all, if the picture and video were like this, then even the accident looks like a murder. Here Kolanchal has been ruling for a long time, here Uttam Anand had come from Bokaro to Dhanbad 6 months ago. He had many important and big cases. A link of which reaches the area of ​​Kolanchal.

Judge Uttam Anand was hearing the famous Ranjay Singh murder case. Ranjay Singh, a close aide of Singh Mansion, was murdered in 2017. And the charge of murder was on Singh Mansion’s Opponent Aman Singh: Aadj Uttam Anand had rejected Aman Singh’s bail application. A few days after Aman’s bail plea, the needle of suspicion on this incident has turned towards Aman Singh and his gang.

BJP leader statement on this case:

Expressing grief over this, BJP leader Jagbinda Pal said that. This incident is a very sad incident in itself and this accident has been done in the manner of a judge, the way in which he was stabbed, due to which he died. So if this is a serious matter, then it should definitely be investigated by the CBI and the number of people involved in it (whoever is guilty) should be investigated. and harshest action has been taken against them. The echo of the high profile is being heard from the High Court to the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Supreme Court are also in pure action:

After this video went viral, Jharkhand High Court itself has intervened in the matter and today in closed doors hearing. Soren Sarkar of Jharkhand and his police were fiercely reprimanded. Jharkhand High Court became strict on the concussion death of Juz, High Court also sought a reply from Soren. The court questioned the DJP that what is happening in the state. The court also told the police that how the CCTV video came out of the control room. The court has given a clear warning that if the police fail, then the investigation will be handed over to the CBI.

I would also like that soon the truth should be known and this investigation should be done by CBI so that both truth and truth can come in front of everyone.

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