The border dispute between Assam and Mizoram turned into a bloody conflict.

The border dispute between Assam and Mizoram turned into a bloody conflict.

This accident happened on Monday. 6 jawans lost their lives in clashes between citizens and police of both states. In the midst of this conflict, the people of both states have also been injured. After the tension, Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to the Chief Minister of both the states on the phone and asked to settle the matter peacefully.

Police and citizens of both states were fighting among themselves.

There was such a bloody struggle that there was chaos from North East to Delhi. This border dispute of Assam Mizoram killed the 6 policemen of Assam. And more than 50 people were injured among the citizens of both the states along with the policemen of both the states.

The 164 km boundary of Cachar Karimganj and Hela Kandi in Barahghati district of Assam meets Aizwal Kolasib and Mamat in Mizoram. The long-standing border dispute between the two states: But on Monday, there was a bloody clash at the border near Lylepur in Cachar.

AIIMS Police claimed to have pelted stones at Assam government employees in large numbers from Mizoram. But it was claimed by Mizoram that 200 policemen from Assam had vandalized the Mizoram Police Post. Assam Police lathi-charged the citizens of Mizoram and lobbed tear gas shells.

The border dispute over Assam and Mizoram was escalating for a long time. The police on both sides were on alert mode for the past weeks.

On July 9, there was a high-level conversation between the Chief Secretaries of Assam and Mizoram on the border dispute. On July 10, a grenade was fired at the border when senior Assam Police officers were in Cachar. On July 25, Home Minister Amit Shah had a meeting with the Chief Minister of the Northeast in Shillong on the border dispute. On Monday, 2 units of CRPF were deployed after the situation worsened.

However, the Home Minister directed the Chief Ministers of both the states to settle the matter peacefully. But how serious is the tension between the two states: it has been seen between the Chief Ministers in the midst of violence.

On Monday, Chief Minister Zoramthanga wrote a video of the clash between police and civilians tagging Home Minister Amit Shah and the office of the Minister of Questions. How will you justify such violent incidents against the innocent people who are returning to Mizoram?

In response to this, the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma wrote on Twitter that honorable Zoramthanga Ji Kolasib Mizoram’s SP told us that we do not back down from our post, their citizens will not listen and will not stop the violence. How can a government run in such a situation? After that he wrote on Twitter tagging Amit Shah and the Prime Minister’s Office, I hope you will intervene as soon as possible.

This border dispute between Assam and Mizoram had completed the situation in February and August 2020 this year as well. But this time the situation is out of control. Presently there is tension but the situation is under control.

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