Lucknow Woman Who Slapped Cab Driver in Viral Video Argues With Neighbours Over ‘Black Paint’ and Drones

Lucknow Woman Who Slapped Cab Driver in Viral Video Argues With Neighbours Over ‘Black Paint’ and Drones

The Lucknow woman who was seen slapping a cab driver in a video that went viral recently led to a lot of speculations about whether her actions were justified. The same woman has now been caught in a different video, which again is going viral. The woman had an FIR lodged against her after she drew social media ire for thrashing a cab driver and misbehaving with a bystander. The video of the incident had gone viral, with #ArrestLucknowGirl trending on Twitter. Now, a video of the same woman has surfaced online, in which she can be seen arguing with her neighbors over some portion of their house painted black which, she said, could attract “international drones” and put people of the neighborhood in danger. In the new viral video, the woman can be seen requesting the police to ask the neighbours “in front of everyone”, to repaint the part using “anti-black” paint. She speaks in Hindi, saying “Kyun, kyunki yaha pe international drones ghoomte hain aur inki vajah se puri colony walo ki life khatre me hai (Why, because international drones keep flying in the area. This can put the lives of the people of the colony).

While the video is going viral now, it may be older than the incident of the cab driver. News18 independently could not verify the date or time of the video, or the authenticity of it.

Here is the video of the purportedly old incident with the neighbors:

The police officer can be seen attempting to de-escalate the situation, by asking her to go home and assuring that he would make the neighbours understand and take it down in written form from them. That was where the situation further unravelled, with the woman claiming that she has been told “Barack Hussein Obama is [her] father”. “Can he talk like this? He abused me. And he said ki agar tum yaha se nahi gayi toh danda utha ke layien tumhe maarne ke liye, padosiyon ko bhi bula rahe the ki tum log bhi leke aao danda maarne ke liye,” (…if you don’t leave, you will be beaten with a stick, and he called the neighbors to do the same) she went on to say in the video.

As police officers kept telling her to go home, she is heard saying that she was bothered about the youth of India. “This man says he is above the prime minister of India. Can he say this? Can he abuse the prime minister like this? Then teach him a lesson,” the woman can be seen telling the police officers.

In the earlier Lucknow traffic crossing incident, an FIR was registered against the same woman for allegedly robbing Rs 6,000 from the cab driver and breaking his mobile. The victim Saadat Ali Siddiqui had lodged an FIR. The video of the woman beating the young man had gone viral. The CCTV footage of the same case had also surfaced – which allegedly pointed to the driver being in the clear.

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