‘Inflation is awesome’ and other hilarious ways Indian liberals are out of step with American liberals

‘Inflation is awesome’ and other hilarious ways Indian liberals are out of step with American liberals

This year in June, CNN got an opportunity to speak one on one with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the official spokesperson of President Biden. Turning the concept of media scrutiny on its head, they opened with the following question:

What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda? When you read the news, what do you think we get wrong?

Yes, the White House spokesperson is not there to answer to the media (and presumably by extension, to the American people). Apparently, her real job is to tell the media what they are getting wrong; to show the media how they can serve the President better. That’s the fourth pillar of democracy, according to American liberals.

Remember when Biden won and Indian liberals tweeted that they can breathe again? Remember all their hopes and dreams of how Biden would turn the heat on PM Modi. And remember their triumphalism?

Now, it goes without saying that Indian liberals do not believe in the sovereignty of India. Because liberalism is of the global elite. The same New York Times that carries the torch for American liberalism pumps $$$ into bank accounts of those looking to sell photos of burning funeral pyres from India.

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This means that since the beginning of this year, liberals have had to ride two boats at the same time: trying to rip apart Modi while groveling before Biden. This also means that if you don’t follow American politics somewhat, you are missing out on the most hilarious thing in the world right now. Because as of right now, liberals are praising Biden for the same exact things for which they criticize Modi.

I promise you this. You don’t know “Godi media” till you have seen what American liberals will do for their masters. That question to White House Press Secretary asking what the media gets wrong was just a beginning.

Prepare to become President of the United States by pretending to solve easy problems

I said American liberals grovel before Biden. But not always. They speak up when Biden does something really wrong. Like asking his Vice President to tackle difficult problems. You would think that comes with being the second most powerful person in America. But liberals disagree. They want Kamala Harris to be handed easy problems, so she can pretend to solve them. That would make it easy for liberal media to fool the people into voting for her as President.

Get it? This is how American liberals speak truth to power.

That article is in the New York Times. The article is written by some “political scientists” and shared by Ezra Klein, the founder of Vox. Imagine the kind of fraud that American liberal elites are trying to pull off on the American people. And on people all around the world.

This is the same New York Times that will tell us about everything that is wrong with the Modi government. The same New York Times that pretends to give a damn about press freedom. Begging America’s liberal President to hand easy problems to his VP so that New York Times can give her positive coverage and fool the people into voting for her…

Inflation is awesome, only high-class people complain about inflation

Why are onions and tomatoes and potatoes getting pricier? What will the common person do? Doesn’t Modi care? But that’s only in India. Over there in America, inflation is just a “high-class problem”

That is White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain. Proudly telling the world that inflation is just a “high-class problem.” Apparently, when food, fuel, rent, and groceries get more costly, it is only the high-class people who suffer.

Of course, the exact opposite is true. Inflation always tends to hit poor people the hardest. But truth doesn’t matter when you have liberalism.

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By the way, who is this genius Jason Furman that the White House Chief of Staff is quoting here? Furman is no ordinary Joe. He is a Harvard economist. Jason Furman is a hardcore party man, who served as head of Obama’s economic council. A lot of Furman’s colleagues have Nobel Prizes and I am sure Furman would like one for himself. So Furman knows which side his bread is buttered. And for that, if the veteran Harvard economist has to say that bread and butter getting costlier is a “high-class problem,” he will.

Next time when Indian media quotes some great liberal economist, remember what kind of people they really are.

Government has no magic wand to lower fuel prices

Remember fuel prices? They used to be a big issue in India until BJP ruled states reduced prices and liberal ruled states didn’t have to because the latter have the liberal privilege. Turns out high fuel prices were also a big issue in the USA. But America has a liberal administration, so listen to Jennifer Granholm, the US Secretary for Energy.

Q: What is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America?

Listen to Biden’s Energy Secretary laugh in the faces of ordinary people who have to pay at the pump.

And then she said she has no magic wand. Yes, America might be the world’s most powerful country, the largest economy with the maximum leverage on global oil producers, it might have some of the world’s largest oil reserves on its own soil. Its client states like Canada or Mexico might be energy-producing nations. But did you know America has no magic wand and can do nothing to reduce oil prices?

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So if you are looking for someone to blame for high gas prices, it is PM Modi. Because PM Modi does not have the liberal privilege. Just like the liberal government of Maharashtra that did not reduce taxes on fuel, the liberal administration of Biden can afford to laugh in people’s faces.

Renaming places is development

Each time a BJP government somewhere changes the name of something, you know how the liberals roll their eyes. Who cares if Allahabad is named Prayagraj? Will it lead to better health or education or economic outcomes? Instead of renaming things and showing up long-dead historical figures, why doesn’t the BJP government do something substantial for people?

You know real development, like the liberals pulled off in San Francisco, the beating heart of American liberalism.

They changed the names of 44 schools, apparently because the famous people they had been named after were racist. The list of apparent racists included Abraham Lincoln, of course. After all, what did Lincoln ever do for racial justice? At least not as much as political science majors paying thousands of dollars in tuition to liberal universities each year to fight campus micro-aggressions?

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And most importantly, this happened in January 2021. Who cares if the pandemic was still taking over 2000 lives a day? Who cares if the schools that were renamed were still closed? The priority for American liberalism was to rename closed schools instead of figuring out a way to get kids back in schools.

Getting GDP back to pre-pandemic levels is an achievement — except in India

And here it is, from the big man himself.

He got America’s GDP back above pre-pandemic levels. And that is all that should matter. Everyone knows that the world lost two whole years to the pandemic. No rational person would blame the government for that. Except for Indian liberals, of course.

India’s GDP is only slightly bigger than it was before the pandemic. Can’t believe we lost two years to the pandemic. It is all Modi’s fault, I tell you. That’s what my taxi driver also said the other day.

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