Covid-19: India’s Omicron cases jumps to 143 after 4 states report sharpest hike

Covid-19: India’s Omicron cases jumps to 143 after 4 states report sharpest hike

After the second wave of Covid-19 everyone thought that now there will be no more problems again related to coronavirus and actually, in reality, corona cases were also not coming at that time but after a few months, Earth received one more new problem. It was a little bit expected that the third wave of corona can come but no one thought that the new variant of corona also come. The name of new variant is Omicron. however, Omicron was not spotted in India it was only in foreign but from the past few days, Omicron cases are also coming in India. We have listed the states in which Omicron cases are coming.

Cases were accounted for from Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala
This is the most elevated single-day ascend for the new Omicron variation in the country

With 30 new Omicron cases being signed on Saturday, the general count for the new variation arrived at 143 in India.

Omicron cases today were accounted for from Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala. This is the most noteworthy single-day ascend for the Omicron variation in the country. On Friday, upwards of 24 cases were accounted for.

Omicron cases in Telangana

The quantity of Omicron cases in Telangana rose to 20 with 12 additional individuals testing positive for the new Covid variation on Saturday.
Of the 12 new cases, two were travelers from nations pronounced “in danger” by the Center, while 10 came from different countries, a state wellbeing division release said.

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Omicron cases in Maharashtra

Upwards of 8 additional Omicron cases were identified from Maharashtra today, which have taken the state’s count to 48.
Four Omicron cases were accounted for from Mumbai, three from Satara, and one case from Pune, the wellbeing office said.
In Mumbai, three patients were inhabitants of Chhattisgarh, Kerala, and Jalgaon in Maharashtra, while one was an occupant of the city.

Omicron cases in Karnataka

Six new Omicron cases were accounted for from Karnataka pushing the state’s count to 14.
5 cases were found in instructive organizations in Dakshina Kannada and one more was a UK returnee.
“Two bunch flare-ups of COVID have been accounted for from two instructive foundations in Dakshina Kannada today: Cluster 1: 14 instances (of which 4 are Omicron). Group 2: 19 cases (1 is Omicron). A voyager from the UK has additionally tried positive for Omicron,” Karnataka wellbeing pastor K Sudhakar said in a tweet.

Omicron cases in Kerala:

With 4 new cases, Kerala’s count of Omicron cases rose to 11. Four new diseases were identified from Thiruvananthapuram, Malappuram, and from the Thrissur region.

“The 17-year-old patient in Thiruvananthapuram came from the UK while the 44-year-old arrived at the state from Tunisia in a contracted flight. The patient in Malappuram came from Tanzania while the Thrissur local came from Kenya,” state wellbeing pastor Veena George said in a delivery.

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