India’s first super car that catches up in 2 seconds with the speed of 100

India’s first super car that catches up in 2 seconds with the speed of 100

India’s first supercar.

India’s first electronic supercar, a Bengaluru-based startup Mean Metal Motor  MMM did an amazing job: This startup designed India’s first electric supercar. There are so many features in this car that you will keep on counting what are the features of this car. MMM has named this car Azani, some look of this car is similar to McLaren’s supercar. Its front profile is quite sleek and aggressive, the company has given sharp hand laps in it: The bonnet of the Azani has been given a curved look, while its shoulder line has also been raised. The aerodynamic tail section adds to its looks. According to the company, its electric powertrain generates more than 1000 hp of power. It reaches 0 to 100 kmph in just 2 seconds, its top speed is 350 km/h. In a single charge, this car can go up to 700 kilometers, according to the company, the cost of making it is less than one-fifth of the common supercar. The price of this car can be around Rs 89 lakh, Mamma says that the company will launch its first prototype before December 2022.

Pegasus Spyware.

There is a lot of talk going on about Pegasus Spyware these days, Israel company NSO Group has made By doing this, the target’s phone is hacked and spied on and Iphones are not saved from it. Now such a feature has come in software that can detect whether your iPhone has been spyware or not. This app is named Amazing, this app works with both macOS and Windows. With this, you can find out whether your phone has been affected by the spyware or not. This feature can be brought to Amazing after an update. The spyware detection feature can be seen on the iPhone in Amazing macOS and Windows versions 2.14. To test this, the user has to connect the iPhone with macOS or Windows. Run Amazing once connected, you can see if your phone was hacked or not by selecting its detect spyware option. The company said that it requires no setup or backup: This is the first time the software has been built to detect spyware. Earlier, the Human Resource Group had also released a tool to detect devices infected with the Pegasus attacks. This tool was named Mobile Verification Tool Kit, although coding was required to run it. But the phone can be detected by just clicking on the option in the Amazing app, which is very easy and the software will do the rest. And the biggest thing is that this feature is being given for free in the Amazing App.

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