India got another medal from Tokyo Olympics

India got another medal from Tokyo Olympics

This medal has been won by Pav Sindhu.

India has got 2 medals in Tokyo Olympics now. Pav Sindhu won the bronze medal although the world was expecting a gold medal from her but after losing in the semi-final yesterday. Today they have won bronze medals over China. And Pav Sindhu has become the second Indian to win 2 Olympic medals individually. Prior to this, Sushil Kumar had won bronze and silver in 2008 and 2012. But Pav Sindhu, who won silver in a row, got the bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics, this is India’s third medal. However, it will be counted as the second medal in the medal table. Pav Sindhu got a big success but was heartbroken when she lost in the semi-finals yesterday. After this, the question will be that so soon she will be able to forget her disappointment and give her best in this match. In fact, today Tai Zhou Ying of China did not stand in front of the Indus at all.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated her for the victory of PV Sindhu. Modi Ji spoke to PV Sindhu on phone. With this, another good news is coming out of the Tokyo Olympics.

Big win for India in the hockey team

India has made it to the semi-finals Team India reached the semi-finals after 41 years. 41 years not bad, 49 years later, India will go to the semi-finals because 41 years ago, when the Moscow Olympics were held, India went straight to the finals by topping the round-robin. Where the gold medal was received. But now India will play for the Olympic medal in hockey after 41 years and will play in the semi-finals with Belgium. Perhaps this is the biggest success of the Indian hockey team:

Also, the rainy season is going on now, why are there floods due to heavy rains in places? Like in the largest states Mumbai and Bihar. Along with this, there was the big news of landslides in many places, there was a landslide in Himachal Pradesh, in which a National highway was also broken. And due to the fall of the stones, a bridge made of iron was also broken in a short time. And there have been incidents of cloudbursts in many places that have done a lot of damage. Many people lost their lives with the loss, many people went missing. At the same time, there is a danger of flooding in the low-lying areas of Delhi due to the rise of the Yamuna river. And in many places water has also been filled causing trouble for people to come.

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