This shocking case has come from the Jajhpur district of Odisha, where a man got angry on a snake

This shocking case has come from the Jajhpur district of Odisha, where a man got angry on a snake

All of you must have heard the stories of the revenge of the serpent, but see for yourself this true incident of revenge of the snake with one person. When the snake bit a person, then in the blood, the snake has also bitten the same snake and the snake died. You all must have been surprised to hear this but this incident is also true: absolutely true and this incident happened in Odisha: If anyone is listening to this matter, then I am shocked.

After all, how did this happen, then listen, we understand the whole matter?

This shocking case has come from the Jajhpur district of Odisha, where a man got angry and bit a snake. Told that in the Danagadi area of Jajpur district, a farmer named Kishore Bhadra was going home from his farm at night. On the way, a snake must have been sitting with a coil, that person’s feet were bare, he was not wearing shoes or pants, he was wearing plain slippers. At the same time, the snake bit him on his leg, the teenager felt that some cut or sharp object must have been chewed but it was not true. He was bitten by a snake, when a person named Kishore lit a torch, he saw a snake on his leg and he did not panic after seeing it and got angry on the contrary. He picked up the snake in anger and started biting the snake as well. The teenager waited to see whose condition worsens or worsens first. But after that it happened that no one had expected, no one had any faith and in a while, the snake died and the teenager was just fine as before. And the teenager himself did not understand anything from this and he brought that snake to his house, after coming home, Kishore showed that snake to his wife.

So his wife was also surprised but this thing first spread in the village and slowly this incident also attracted the attention of the country. And the incident started spreading on social media.

When Kishor himself was asked about this incident, he said that.

That I was going to work in the evening, then that snake bit me, I saw again by lighting a torch, it was a snake, then I picked up that snake and I also started biting that snake, which killed that snake, then I came to my house with that snake. And when he went to the medical, the doctor said that you only killed the snake, nothing will happen to you and I am still fine as before. When the people of the village came to know about this news, the villagers advised Kishore to go to the hospital immediately but Kishor denied everything. And he went to the traditional treatment and showed himself there, after which it came to know that the snake bite did not affect the young man in the slightest.

Well, the more it is difficult to believe this story, the sadder for the snake that died. And now the discussions of this incident are happening fiercely and people are sharing this news fiercely.

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