How is the situation in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370?

How is the situation in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370?

For Kashmir, it is always a matter of Kashmiriyat, it is a matter of healing touch, even then there are some forces for which you have to exert energy. The CRPF also has the same identity, a woman officer also has the same identity, sensitivity, and strength.

Kashmir’s condition after the abrogation of Article 370.

The situation on the ground is quite different from before, a stability has come here which was not there earlier. If we look at any place, see any state, look at any country, then if people need someone, then they need peace and peace to move forward. For his development and now this thing is with the people. Due to stability, people here can do their farming without any tension. And if we look at terrorism, then it cannot be said that it has 100% effect and to handle any conflict. There is a need for a multiple-layer strategy and at this time this strategy government (forces) and everyone has an aim that with the help of these strategies Conflict can be handled.

Stone ringing is also seen a lot in Kashmir, mostly in the downtown area. At this time Rahipatam is not there and sometimes it happens because there are some people who are not able to understand which path they should take. And such people definitely get involved in this thing.

And nowadays most drones are being seen which is not a good thing because 15th August is coming which we all call Independence Day. And all the countrymen celebrate it with great pomp. Seeing these drones, there is a fear that wherever these drones are coming from or whoever is doing all this, they should never attack us. Because on the day of August 15, a large crowd of people gather, sharing all the happiness in many places: And some people do not take advantage of these and take the lives of innocent people. The army of our country is always careful about this, it remains alert all the time.

With this, another good news has come out from Tokyo Olympics.

Ravi Dahiya ji, the player of Chhatarsal Stadium, won the silver medal for the country of India: Very happy for his cousins: The children of his entire arena are dancing with joy as his cousins had said, the same way the celebration is being done. His cousins said that although we had hope and faith for the gold medal, for us the silver medal is also gold: Because reaching the Olympics is a big deal, after that playing in the final of the Olympics is a bigger thing than that, which makes us very happy. His cousin said that Ravi Dahiya played very well in the final match as well.

His coaches said that he would bring them from the airport with the tractor-trolley. People of all their villages would go with them. All the children of their arena would go together. The dance will sing, will dance and women will sing songs. He said that everything has been arranged with indigenous ghee.


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