Famous Youtuber Thara Bhai Joginder’s music video got deleted by Youtube, Read full news here

Famous Youtuber Thara Bhai Joginder’s music video got deleted by Youtube, Read full news here

The famous viral sensation Thara Bhai Joginder who is famous for his famous dialogue “Yo Jogindar Thara Bhai Joginder” has recently uploaded a music video named BAWANDAR that received a massive response and became the first hit song of Jogindar with almost 20 Million views after that Jogindar decided to create one more diss track song but that song got deleted by youtube.

Who is Thara Bhai Joginder?

The real name of Thara Bhai Joginder is Joginder Yadav and his family name is Jogi Yadav. In past, Joginder was famous for his funny tik tok videos not only tik tok videos Joginder also has a huge fan base on Facebook.

How did Joginder Become famous?

The most asked question is that why and for what Thara Bhai Joginder is famous?

He was very famous for his vlog and funny content on Facebook but later some of the Youtubers like Samrat Bhai, Lakshay Choudhary, roasted him for his unfunny videos in a healthier way but Joginder took it very personally and he replied to both of them through Instagram IGTV video and after Joginder’s reply Joginder got the social media spotlight and he became a little bit famous by just replying a roast video.

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After Samrat, Elvish, Lakshay many other YouTubers started creating videos on Joginder in a healthier way. They all roasted Joginder to become famous and Joginder took all of their roasts in a serious way and he replied to all roasters in an aggressive way but no one took him seriously.

Story Behind Bawandar Ladunga

Influencer Joginder has many famous and funny dialogues which he uses for his reels, Facebook videos. Bawandar launch is one of his famous dialogues which means that he will bring Tornado into his opponent’s life in a funny way so after getting too many roast videos on himself he decided to create a Bawandar Diss track and that decision of Joginder was a turning point for his life because that Diss Track crossed 20 Million views on Youtube However that song also received too much hate from Hip Hop artists and Famous Youtubers but everybody takes his song in a funny way because they all doing it just for fun.

Story Behind Bhuchal song of Joginder

After the huge success of the Bawandar song, Joginder decided to create a second song named Bhuchal.
Everything was fine but after a few hours of uploading the song got deleted from Youtube. Some rumors said that the Joginder youtube video is deleted by another Youtuber because he didn’t like that however, this silly thing is not possible on a big platform like Youtube. It is possible that Joginder deleted his own video just to create hype to become more famous but there is no news for the actual reason that why his video get deleted.
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