Famous serial actor Lokendra Rajawat is struggling with a terrible problem

Famous serial actor Lokendra Rajawat is struggling with a terrible problem

TV Serial Jodha Akbar Aur Yeh: Mohabbatte Wale actor Lokendra Rajawat in news Aaj Kal due to his illness and misery: Lokendra has been a well-known name in the TV industry and has been associated with this profession for a long time: but due to an illness, his life is only for a moment. Lokendra had to lose his leg some time ago because of DiabetesTalking to Aaj Tak, Lokendra told that he cares more about his younger son than himself:

In fact, his younger son is going through a serious illness like autism., Lokendra punished his grief during the Aaj Tak news channel. Lokendra explains that there are 4 people in his family, his younger son is 13 years old, Lokendra says that all his attention was focused on fixing his younger son. His wife had given up everything and devoted herself to the care of the child. Most of his earnings used to go to his medical treatment, medicines, and special classes, but when Lokendra himself fell ill, everything was ruined. Lokendra explains that due to illness, his younger son is not being taken care of, due to which his treatment has also stopped, he sits in front of the TV for hours. Doesn’t speak and doesn’t understand Lokendra says he doesn’t even know that his father has lost one leg.

Lokendra tells about his eldest son that he never let any fall in his studies but now the whole burden has come on him. His eldest son is now taking care of his family. He says that if he gets an artificial pair, then he will also be able to do work, which will help his son. However, Lokendra says that he has received some money for his treatment from CINTAA i.e. Cinema & TV Artists Association. But he says that if he is fitted with an artificial leg, then he will be able to work according to his own will, which will cost Rs 1.50 lakh as compared to Lokendra. But Lokendra says that he does not have enough money to buy a pair for himself.

This was his sad story, he is going through a lot of problems, he has tension from everywhere.  Because he has to get his younger son treated as well he has to buy a pair for himself as well as see his work business as well: So that he can earn some money and take care of the family because all the burden has come on his eldest son. He too must be facing a lot of trouble because it is difficult for his eldest son to handle the family alone. I also request that he gets well as soon as possible, his younger son can also be treated on time and he too can be cured. And all the family members can live happily like before.

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