Explore The Beauty Of Ever Charming Himachal Pradesh

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North India may appear little when contrasted with other parts of India. Himachal Pradesh is one of the distinguished places of north India to travel beyond because of some good reasons. The tallest mountain of globe mount Everest has placed there and other 8th of the 14’s 8000+m snow-covered summits the planet.  The Himachal Pradesh  – there is certainly no place that exists like it in the world. The bewitching mountain beauty of the region, the breathtaking hills, and the splendid monuments and structure that reveal the history of India, the extreme adventure, and unparalleled luxuries are the few things that make this part of the world as diverse and beautiful as it can be. 

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is Himachal’s main city and it’s also one of the popular gateways of Himachal as a whole. Shimla, with its colonial-style British building and railways, has a few interesting sights to see, but most of the must-sees are further afield. Getting some of the spectacular sights of Himachal entails getting more out of Shimla, although some nice sights are also close enough for you to see them even if you are staying in Shimla and just want to go for day’s excursion. However, a trip of a couple of days can take you to some really unforgettable places. 

Here are a few important destinations of Himachal Pradesh where you can enjoy a perfect dose of history, luxury, architecture, food, and adventure.


Shimla is capital of Himachal Pradesh and one of the beautiful places in Himachal. It is the last railway destination of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is an ideal place for a quiet and relaxed holiday – it’s beautifully cool and unpolluted. Shimla, throughout the decades, housing several colonial buildings such as Christ Church, George Castle, and wildflower hall that is now heritage hall in Shimla, temples like Jakhoo temple and Tara Devi Temples, and the museum is valued as an important cultural hub in Himachal Pradesh.   


Manali is located among the highest region of the mountain range, surrounded by mountain peaks. Despite that, it is surprisingly accessible by road. It is located at the head of Kullu Valley. Manali is a gateway to several remote places to Himachal and opens countless for many adventurous activities like trekking, skiing, hiking, river rafting, paragliding, and mountaineering. 


Kasol is another one of the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh situated at the bank of the Parvati river. It gains its popularity because of the attractive scenic valley and untouched natural beauty. Kasol is also a base for trekking to Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Prabhati pass, and Khiriganga.


Dharamshala is a city and municipal corporation in Kangra district surrounded by lush greenery, cool climate, deep dense forest ranges, snow craft mountain ranges, crystal clear water sources like spring, fountain, river and brings new energy, hope and pleasing experience in your life. Dharamshala sightseeing is sure to keep tourists, especially honeymooners, nature tour lovers and adventure tour enthusiasts spellbound.

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