Bihar is the most effected state due to flood

Bihar is the most effected state due to flood

In this monsoon, there is heavy rain in many places and due to this, there are many floods. And we also know that Bihar state is affected the most by floods and many states. Every year due to floods, there is a lot of damage and many people lose their lives. So many people get separated from their families due to floods.

This year also, a similar situation is being seen in Bihar.

By looking at this picture, you can get an idea of how bad the situation is in Bihar. This picture is from Darbhanga village of Bihar:

Telling the people of the village that their village is submerged in water for the last 2 weeks. But the government is not paying any attention to this matter: no, it is helping the people of the village which is very bad. The people of the village have to say in sorrow that it is difficult even to die, stop living in this village. From this, we can guess what is happening to the people of Darbhanga village of Bihar.


At the same time, it has become such a bad situation, people have to do the last government in the middle of the flood. In a village in Darbhanga, the funeral procession of an old man was carried out to the crematorium. The entire route from the road to the crematorium was submerged in water, so people had to carry the dead body of the elderly in a boat. Due to the rains, the people made bamboo torches and put the dead body in the earthen pot and with the help of the boat, the body was lit by roaming around.

Whether to live or die in Bihar has been left on everyone’s head.

Like the same people running the government of Bihar.

Meanwhile, news comes to the fore that the bridges built in the flood are breaking down. This bridge was built on the Bagmati river which is now broken due to floods. This bridge is now completely flooded and has collapsed.  Due to which people are facing many more problems. Due to the floods in Darbhanga, the situation is so bad that people are ready to leave their villages and migrate.

One such village is submerged in water for the last 2 weeks. And even then, the government help has not reached here.

This is to say about the government to the people of his village:

His village is submerged in water: and the help from the government has not arrived: no one has come to see this area. Earlier this month, Nitish Kumar had completed his duty by air tour to the flood-affected areas of Bihar. But this big trouble seen from the sky looks like a small ant that has not yet been seen by the government.

I believe that the government of Bihar should visit every village and take stock of it so that all the people can get relief and help and solve their problems quickly.

So that there can be prosperity in Bihar as before.

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