Dr Deepa Sharma was also found in the recent landslide in Himachal Pradesh.

Dr Deepa Sharma was also found in the recent landslide in Himachal Pradesh.

A doctor died in an accident in Kinnaur.

Recently, a doctor has died in a dangerous landslide in Himachal Pradesh. This accident took place in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The doctor who was found in this accident was a female doctor: Dr. Deepa went on a beautiful journey but what did she know would happen to her? But this beautiful journey proved to be the last journey of his life.

Dr. Deepa was constantly sharing videos and pics from her journey on social media. Tourists were passing through these beautiful plains of Himachal Pradesh when it rained rocks from the mountains and a car got hit by it. Dr. Deepa Sharma of Jaipur was also in this vehicle.

Shortly before his death, he had released a photo of himself on social media. In which he wrote that I am standing at the last point of India beyond which citizens are not allowed to go.

The border of Tibet, 80 km away from this place: the last occupied by China. She was 34 years old and she was continuously releasing photos of her journey from Himachal Pradesh on social media. He put one last photo in which he had taken a photo of the beautiful area of Himachal Pardesh and put it on social media. And on that photo, he had written that some war passed this morning.

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Neighbor’s expressions after knowing the news of death.

Neighbors expressed grief after getting to know about the death Out which one of his neighbors told that he told that Deepa was a very funny girl when we heard this news we all were in great shock. He couldn’t believe it at first. The people of the colony were very shocked to hear this, very sad, many people were also upset: And now everyone wants that their dead body should reach Jaipur happily. And we can have the last darshan of his body so that our mind can get peace from that matter.

His other neighbor told that He was very fond of taking pictures of beautiful weather birds with the camera and we saw him doing this many times. Sometimes they used to meet, they used to talk. On the 22nd July the car was kept, it was inside. 23 Tariq knew when he had left, but yesterday when he heard the news of his death, he was shocked. And we also want that his dead body should reach Jaipur soon so that we can attend his funeral.

According to Dr. Deepa’s Twitter profile, she was an Ayurveda doctor, she was also a writer and considered herself a unique person.

I would also like that the soul of Dr. Deepa may be blessed by God in peace.

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