Delhi University Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi said that admissions will be done on the basis of merit.

Delhi University Vice-Chancellor PC Joshi said that admissions will be done on the basis of merit.

As the result of class 12 came a few days ago, which has been very good this year. As you all know that studies do not end after 12th class, but there is no end to studies. Children have to graduate after taking admission in class 12 college, as well as many children also do their favorite course together.

College admissions are going on now

PC Joshi, Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University said that About 2 lakh children have registered in undergraduate and 1.5 lakh children have registered in postgraduate. And 15 thousand applications have come for Ph.D. and M.Phil and they hope that by the time it ends this count will double. That is, last time 3.5 lakh children had taken admission and this year 4 lakh children are likely to be admitted. As the result came out without examination this year: and the number of children got very high: on this, the Vice-Chancellor said that The effect of these numbers should be visible on the cut off so now they can’t say completely because they don’t know about the whole situation. But they may have an effect on the cut-off but their policy will remain the same in which they will give admission on the basis of merit.

But he noticed that online form filling has become accessible for all children and also using chat boxes using artificial intelligence. Which is very popular.

Due to the non-availability of JEE & IIT exam or due to delay, this time admission in a college is likely to be very high.

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How many admissions are there in college only?

Whenever a college removes its cut-off, it has to admit all the children above that cut-off, no matter how many No admission is counted after the cut-off is passed. That is why there is a possibility of over-admission to the college.

When will the admission for which course take place?

His registration is going on and his last date is 21st August: And the registration started from 26th July last month. Whoever comes in the course competition, their test i.e. National Testing Agency of the Government of India will take their test and they will also be able to take these tests: And it will be tested in the whole country, that’s why this exam will be held till September 25.

Due to Corona, only online classes are being held, there is a problem in taking offline classes. As scientists and doctors eat: Vaccination will be heavy on the third wave of corona ie the third wave will be less visible.

But even then we have to follow the rules related to Corona so that there is no chance of the third wave coming.

The rules related to Corona are also very easy:

First, maintain social distance Maintaining a distance of 6 feet from every person.

Washing your hands frequently with the help of soap or sanitizer for at least 30 seconds.

Whenever you go out, put on the mask and keep changing the mask and after using the mask, put it directly in the dustbin.

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