Covid-19: Fact check of Rahul Gandhi’s statement ” Majority of India’s population is not vaccinated”

Covid-19: Fact check of Rahul Gandhi’s statement ” Majority of India’s population is not vaccinated”

Is really half of India’s population is not vaccinated?

Congress pioneer Rahul Gandhi asserted that most of India’s populace is as yet not immunized. He utilized NDTV’s India’s Vaccination Equation to back his case. As per NDTV, at the current rate, 42% of India’s populace will be immunized before the finish of December 2021. The objective, as per the post, is to immunize 60% of the populace by year’s end, which would require 61 million portions each day. NDTV said the portion each day rate is at present 5.8 million dosages each day, and there is a deficit of 55.3 million portions each day.

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The real immunization information show various outcomes

Most importantly, neither Rahul Gandhi nor NDTV remembered the reality for their estimations that India still can’t seem to endorse immunization for individuals younger than 18. Just the people who have accomplished the age of 18 are qualified to get the immunization for Covid-19.

As per The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the assessed populace of India according to 2020 information is around 137 crore (1,37,05,08,600). The quantity of individuals over the age of 18 stands at a north of 86 crore (86,54,56,491). That implies 63% of the complete populace is qualified to have the immunization chance. Regardless of whether we accept that the qualified populace somewhat recently has expanded by eight crores and gathered together the qualified populace to 94 crores (which is as indicated by a report in Hindustan Times), the qualified populace would be 68%.

As per immunization information accessible at the site of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India has controlled 1,38,95,90,670 portions of Covid-19 antibodies up to this point. The complete number of individuals who have gotten the two shots of the Covid-19 immunization remains at 55,96,27,015. That implies 59% of the all-out qualified populace (accepting the qualified populace is 94 crores) is completely inoculated against the Covid-19 disease.

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Also, there are one more 27,03,36,640 individuals who have been immunized with something like a single shot and hanging tight for their second shot of the antibody. On the off chance that these 27 crores have the additional opportunity inside the following 30 days, before the finish of January, right around 83 crore individuals in India would be completely immunized, which would be 88% of the absolute qualified populace.

It is vital that we have a currently completely inoculated populace equivalent to the absolute populace (not qualified but rather all-out) of the United States (33 crores), Russia (14 crores) and United Kingdom (6 crores) set up.

The public authority’s remain on the supporter shot

The public authority of India has as of late clarified that its need is to completely immunize all qualified populace prior to beginning offering the sponsor chance, that as well whenever required. India is presently overseeing 55 lakh+ portions consistently. Out of these, on a conventional 43 lakh, individuals are getting a second portion consistently. At the current rate, India would add another four crore completely immunized individuals before the finish of December that would make the absolute of around 60 crores completely inoculated individuals. The count would remain at 66%, which is 6% over the objective that should be accomplished to keep away from the third influx of Covid-19 in India.

In this manner, Rahul Gandhi’s case that most of India’s populace isn’t immunized is bogus.


Overall Rahul Gandhi’s statement was totally illogical and he created that statement just to play politics with BJP other than there is no sense and logic in his statement, It was just his politics on the Covid vaccine. MilesTaken advises you to don’t get trapped in this type of fake news against the Covid vaccine because the covid vaccine is totally safe to take.

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