Conditions of Kerela during the third wave of corona

Conditions of Kerela during the third wave of corona

People got an exemption on the rules of Corona and Corona has doubled.

Is Corona going on in a different way in Kerala or is there a flaw in the conduct against Corona in Kerala? Kerala grips in Corona’s claws. India’s stronghold of 50 percent cases: Kerala now records more than 22 thousand cases in a day: Kerala. Kerala is the only state with more than 12 percent positivity rate Kerala with more than one-third of the cases in the country, in which 1.5 lakh cases in Kerala: When the country is on the way to the exit of the second wave of Corona: Then Kerala seems to be trapped in the storm in the third wave of Corona. More than half of India’s corona cases are confined to the state of Kerala alone. And the troublesome thing is that for the last four weeks, the corona cases on him are increasing continuously.

Let’s see how and how many corona cases are big in Kerala after June 28.

59% of corona cases are large in Mallapuram. 45% of corona cases are large in Thrissur. In Ernakulam, also more than 46.5 percent of corona cases are large while in Kottayam more than 64 percent of corona cases are large.

And this situation then: When about 15 percent of the people in Kerala have got both doses of the corona vaccine. Who is telling the story of the deteriorating condition of Kerala in the war with Corona? The reason for the havoc of Corona being seen in Kerala is also that Kerala Super Spreader events were seen. On July 21, on the occasion of Bakra Eid, the Kerala government had relaxed the covid Guideline for 3 days and the decreasing cases of corona started booming. Kerala government opened Sabarimala temple for 5 days monthly worship from 17 to 21 July, also relaxed the rules of Corona. And then as soon as its effect started showing on the graph of Corona of Kerala, then the BJP government got a chance to tighten the punch on the Vijay government.

Big government politics with corona cases.

Anyway, the politics of all the governments of Corona cases also increases among themselves. As the Corona cases increase, the politics in all the governments, raise questions and blame each other a lot. So on this BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that the relaxation of the time of Bakra Eid for 3 days, which was given by the Kerala government. The Supreme Court had also expressed concern on that but I have to say with sadness that the politics of leprosy won. And this instruction of the Supreme Court was not followed by the Kerala government. The result of which has been that 22 thousand cases have come inside Kerala. This is the result that Kerala is moving towards a second corona wave.

Politics has its place but if more than half of the country’s corona cases are coming out in the state of Kerala alone, then questions will arise. But the Kerala government is turning the blame on the lack of corona vaccine more than easing the rules of corona on the increasing cases of corona cases. Kerala, which has the status of the country’s most educated state, is spreading in efforts to control corona infection. And this is not only every new of Kerala but the whole country is lagging behind in this war with Corona.

If you also live in Kerala or you live in any state or country, then request all of you to ask you and your family to follow the rules of Corona. So that you and your family can be happy and safe.


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