NEWS: Blind parents are dependent on 8 year old child, the child is filling the stomach of the family by driving an e-rickshaw

NEWS: Blind parents are dependent on 8 year old child, the child is filling the stomach of the family by driving an e-rickshaw

The fate of a stone can also be heard, but the condition is that it should be carefully carved.

This one poem of Lanjir Nadeem should be dedicated to an 8-year-old child today. Who has been a voice to himself as well as to his family at a young age? Listen to this news in which this child driving an e-rickshaw is just 8 years old: At the age of jumping to play, this 8-year-old child has taken care of his house. The name of this innocent child is Gopal Krishan: and this child is feeding his disabled parents and siblings. This 8-year-old Gopala is driving an e-rickshaw in the Chittoor district of Uttar Pradesh. A few days ago, going to Chandnagri, saw this child driving an e-rickshaw in school dress and he was surprised to see this first.

But then he stopped the child and asked, after which the person came to know the surprising truth. Only 8 years old son and he is the eldest among his siblings but his hard work and passion make his stature even higher. Taking care of your handicapped parents, studying and driving an e-rickshaw, so much has come on these small shoulders.

Gopal Krishna’s statement:-

When Gopal Krishna was told, he told that being the eldest son, it is his responsibility which he is fulfilling.

Gopal Krishna’s father told

Gopal Krishna’s father told that he and his wife cannot see with their eyes that’s why our elder son helps him to earn money after studies. The good thing is that all the three children of the parents are physically fit and support their family, Gopal’s father got only 3000 rupees as pension. But if this amount increases a little, then their life becomes a little better.

After that he said that my wife and I cannot fully see my three children: and all three are healthy: May I am 100 percent visually impaired and I also have a certificate for this: That’s why I can’t do any work I get a pension of 3000 rupees. If the government gives us a pension of 5000 rupees, then it will be very helpful for my family, we do not even have our own house. I request the government, my elder son Gopal Krishna helps us in every way, my three children are healthy and they can see properly.

Gopal Krishna goes to school every day and after returning from school at 4 o’clock he helps us. He helps us to sell groceries and vegetables through e rickshaw. Recently, Gopal Krishna had gone to leave his parents near Chandragiri Hospital as usual, when the police caught him. But the police left Gopal saying that he would not drive the vehicle again. Well, Gopal’s parents are talking about increasing the pension money to overcome the financial crisis, but this story of this family is shaking everyone. And people are sharing this video of Gopal and this news of Gopal as much as possible.

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