Ayansh’s life can be saved only by injection of 16 crores -MILESTAKEN

Ayansh’s life can be saved only by injection of 16 crores -MILESTAKEN

Who is Ayansh baby?

This baby is a boy whose name is Ayansh and he is only 10 months old now.

A family’s request to the politicians who appear widening their chest on the basis of Jat, save Ayansh. 10-month-old innocent child: who had a disease whose treatment: one injection and the cost of that injection is Rs 16 crore: The smile of a child who has been laughing till now is also slowly shrinking. A child who feeds on the night of birth: At the age of playing with toys, the disease happened to this child, whose name you have probably never heard. The disease that becomes one in thousands of millions of children, an innocent whose arms your heart will take. This is the biggest fight to save the life of that one soldier of India, every mother seems to be a black tilak to avoid looking at her beloved child. Every family tying a black thread at the feet of their children so that the strings of breath are not broken by someone’s black eyes.

But yes Ayansh, yes Ayansh, which in some part, whose name was named by his father Alok and his mother Neha. The doctors said that there was only a fraction left in that innocent Ayansh’s life: if he did not get the injection, then. This is the child of a Patna family: After the birth of a daughter in their family, a second child was born, who played laughing and playing for 2 months. Slowly, the feeling in Ayansh’s body. Parents ran from Patna to Bangalore near the country’s largest neuroscience hospital. Look at the child’s photo of this innocent child, in which a bunch of stars is made around him, which tells that life is in a lot of trouble: Whose T-shirt is written: They are one which means we are all the same. Ayansh’s family has started disintegrating in the whole country of the same unity, in the arrangement of that injection, the senses of everyone will be blown away after hearing the cost of which 16 crores:

What did the father of the child in his family say?

He told that 5 doctors have seen the child, every one after seeing them gave a letter to the people and said that you yourself should arrange this medicine. And his power: 16 crores we are roaming around with the letter: from where the 16 crore rupees should come from.

Which disease is there for Ayansh?

Ayansh is suffering from a disease called Samai whose full name is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Under this disease, the muscles of the body that are there gradually start burning, and such children or people can live only for 18 months to 2 years. And in such a situation, 10 months old Ayansh needs that injection which costs Rs 16 crores: If the injection is not received, the doctors say that this child has only 8 months or at most 14 months left:

Every parent is ready to sacrifice everything for the happiness of their child and does not back down. But Ayansh’s parents should mortgage his family, his house, his life, his earnings, his dreams, his whole world too. So whether it is a family or even a normal middle-class family will not be able to arrange injection worth 16 crores. That’s why the government is now dealing with the governments with folded hands.

Ayansh’s mother said that.

She requests all of them that this child who is this is from your own state: And the responsibility of this has also been given to you, so take care of it yourself, sir. And I am not demanding full 16 crores from you but you can help us as much as you can. Then with folded hands, even those who are less than us, Nitish Kumar Ji, I request that this child is a child of your own state Bihar you must help us. Many people are helping to save Ayansh but life-saving injections costing Rs 16 crore: It is still too far to reach that destination And if the speed of the decreasing days of Ayansh is faster than that, then that knock of Rahat will reach this child which will not allow his body to relax. Give the smile of this child not only as a child but also as a citizen of this country.

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