Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat hints at his links with foreign drug peddlers, NCB approaches MEA to trace link: Details

Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat hints at his links with foreign drug peddlers, NCB approaches MEA to trace link: Details

Additional Solicitor General of India, Anil C. Singh has told the Special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) court in Mumbai that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has sought the help of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for the alleged investigation. Aryan Khan’s international links with foreign drug peddlers.

Anil Singh, representing NCB, referred to a sensitive WhatsApp chat of Aryan Khan with foreign nationals regarding bulk purchase of hard drugs. He opposed his bail plea and said that it was wrong at this stage. While the investigation was still going on, the NCB feared that the accused might sabotage the investigation if released on bail at this stage.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is among the 20 accused who were arrested by the NCB on October 2 in the Cordelia Cruz drug bust case. Anil Singh, representing NCB, said that from Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp, NCB has found several incriminating pieces of evidence which indicate his international links to purchase drugs.

“Aryan has a WhatsApp chat with a foreign national. Heavy drugs have a specific mention. We have approached the Ministry of External Affairs to find ways to reach out to the foreign national,” Anil Singh told the court.

While the NCB has stated that hard drugs in bulk cannot be for personal consumption, Anil Singh further said that foreign transactions with hard drugs take place. These sensitive chats have proven value that NCB did not want to be disclosed in open court. Anil Singh said, “But if one looks closely, it will be known why the investigation is necessary and the release of these accused will affect the investigation of the case.”

Amit Desai, appearing for Aryan Khan, said that the chat could be youth jokes, friendly gossip, and jokes. He said that WhatsApp chat as evidence is not acceptable. He tried to refute NCB’s claim of WhatsApp chat and said that modern-day youth have a different way of communicating which can be understood only in the context of chat. He said the youth communicate in English and not Queen’s English.

He argued that chat conversations can often be misunderstood. “We need to see, is this youth joke, friendly gossip joke? Is someone trying to tell him I got it, I did it, were they trying to joke about it ?” he said.

Anil Singh told the court that since commercial quantities of narcotics were recovered from the other accused, the shackles of bail would be applicable to them under Section 37 of the NDPS.

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