An amazing tank of DRDO scientists named Arjun

An amazing tank of DRDO scientists named Arjun

Amazing of DRDO and Dhamal of Arjun Tank

Arjuna ADS i.e. Air Defense System Weapon This tank is also part of Arjun Mark 1: and also part of Arjun Mark 1 IFA but there are differences between them. This tank is being upgraded in a lot of ways, before a person had to stay out of the tank, only then it could be operated. Today the remote control was taken to operate it and now a person can sit inside and operate it. In this, many improvements have been made, it is being told that 71 total improvements are being told, but there are 14 ways which are very important.

Features of Arjun Tank

The laser warning system in the tank already knows where the enemy’s threat can come from and immediately alerts it. Its remote control weapon system destroys the enemy in the blink of an eye.

After all, the angle of the tank becomes the best

The best mobility of the tank i.e. tank rotation and protection i.e. tank protection and tank firing technique. Keeping these three qualities in mind, the Arjun Mac1 Ifa has been made very powerful by DRDO as compared to the earlier tanks. In February this year, Prime Minister Modi dedicated 118 Arjun Mac 1 IIFA tanks to the army. And with this, the country has taken one step further in terms of firepower on the ground

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Where are Arjun Tanks made?

Arjun Tanks has been developed in multiple labs and where it is finalized it is its lead laboratory. Its different prototypes have been made and whatever its performance has been very satisfactory, especially the hands who have to use it, He is very satisfied with this.

There can be many different types of situations in terms of the enemy’s challenge, the history of India has witnessed that the Indian Army has fought the war even in snowy weather. The Indian Army protected the country even in the temperature below minus 50 degrees: The heavy army protected the country even in the sand wrapped by 50 degrees: Where the common man will not be able to face both the situation fully, in that our country’s army stands on the border and protects our country. Making the Arjun tank perfect in all types of weather is a challenge for the scientists of DRDO as it not only takes a long time but also takes the cost on this tank is also high, that is, how effective the tank is in summer: for that, it has to be sent to the desert and how effective it is in cold: to know it has to be sent even in snowy areas, firstly waiting for that weather and secondly there is a problem to reach that border.

But Indian scientists broke it and prepared such a chemical chamber where all kinds of weather are ready at the press of just one button.

India’s progress with other countries

India is constantly progressing like other countries in everything, as in the army, India comes at a good special number in the whole world. Indian army comes at number four or fifth in the army of the whole world, which is a very good thing: we are proud of the people of India.

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