Along with India, many other countries are also getting floods.

Along with India, many other countries are also getting floods.

You all know that the rainy season is going on due to which very dangerous floods are coming.

Maharashtra is being affected the most. So far 112 people have died due to landslides in Maharashtra, 52 people have died in Raigad alone. Meanwhile, 1,35,313 people have been shifted to safer places. With this, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav visited Raigad yesterday. Due to the flood, the water was filled so much that the water level has reached 1-1.5 floors. Due to which the crops of the farmers along with the houses have been ruined. And people are trying to ask in a safe place with the help of a boat.

In many such places, the situation is so bad that even the highways have been submerged in water. From which even trucks are able to get out. According to the people around, this condition is worse than the year 2019 and is much more dangerous than that.

Many more countries are getting flooded as well as it is raining heavily.

Due to heavy rains, China the Philippines, Taiwan has become very difficult in all three places. The worst condition of China: It is being told here that this year’s rain is being told as the heaviest rain of 1000 years. On the other hand, the Philippines and Taiwan first wreaked havoc in the storm then the situation became very bad due to the heavy rain. The situation has worsened due to the rain in the past few days in central China. The estimated loss of about $ 10 billion so far: More than 3 million people have been affected in Himnam. And more than 4 lakh people have been evacuated to a safe place. 51 people have lost their lives due to the increase in the capital of Himnam province. So, on the other hand, a large number of road pools and subways have been destroyed.

Post-monsoon floods and Hurricane Infra have wreaked havoc in the Philippines, the worst of the Philippines’ capital and its surrounding suburbs: More than 800 people have been reached here on safe grounds. And still, the rescue operation is going on on a war footing.

Infra storm wreaks havoc in Taiwan too. Due to the storm and the incessant rain, many trees were felled and houses were damaged and many vehicles were also damaged by the storm. However, there is no news of any casualty here yet.

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