After Jammu and Kashmir, now the cloud bursts in Amarnath

After Jammu and Kashmir, now the cloud bursts in Amarnath

Cloud burst in amarnath.

After Jammu and Kashmir, now similar destruction Leela has come to the fore in Amarnath and Ladakh. After Kishtwar and Kargil, the news of cloudburst in Amarnath also came to light in the evening. Due to the cloudburst in Amarnath, a flood-like situation has been created around the caves of Amarnath. The people of the surrounding area have been appealed to stay away from the Sindh river. Because of cloudburst, the water level of the Sindh river may rise. Home Minister Amit Shah talks to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir about the cloudburst near the holy caves of Amarnath. NDRF team has also been sent to him, every effort is being made to handle the situation, but the situation seems to be looking bad right now. But the effort continues in full swing.

Amit Shah wrote while tweeting.

I have learned about the cloudburst near the holy cave of Baba Amarnath by talking to LG Shri Manoj Sinha Ji of Jammu and Kashmir. For an accurate assessment of the living conditions, the team of Dandruff is being sent there.

Devastation in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar.

With this, now due to cloudburst, there was a lot of terrible devastation in Kishtwar of Jammu and Kashmir.  Clouds could not move through this area. Due to which this condition is being seen. Due to which there has been a deluge due to cloudburst, destruction as well as the orgy of death. Disaster struck a village. Around 4:30 am, the news of cloudburst came to light in Kishtwar, Kashmir, nobody got time to think.

7 people died in the devastation. About 30 people still missing: 17 people were injured in the devastation: out of which 6 have been sent to Kishtwar. 19 houses were demolished due to cloudburst, the team of SDRF from Kishtwar reached on time. SDRF team also reached from Jammu and Kashmir. NDRF team and 2 troops were dispatched from the center for rescue and relief.

The village where this incident of cloudburst took place: its path is very difficult: From above this weather is also torrential rain. There is no road to reach this village. Even after coming away from the place where the cloud was torn, a bridge is showing the river in a raging form. From which it was estimated: how fast it will be torn after.

A bridge also collapsed in Kashmir’s Kishtwar due to cloudburst. Due to the collapse of the bridge, the road for people to come has been closed and the villagers are demanding to get it rebuilt.

Cloudburst news in Kargil too.

On the one hand, clouds created havoc in Jammu and Kashmir Kishtwar, whereas in Kargil too, two villages were badly destroyed in two incidents of a cloudburst. Many houses were destroyed in it, then the mini-Hirdopover project also came under its grip.

Taking a look at this, Narendra Modi wrote a tweet.

Central government’s eye on the incidents of Kishtwar and Kargil Meibadal Burst: All possible help is being provided in the affected areas: I wish everyone safety and well-being.

What happens after a cloudburst?

Heavy rain at one place. A cloud that bursts with rain is called a pregnant cloud. When water drains at a speed of 100 millimeters per hour, it is said that the cloud burst. Cloudburst causes heavy rain in a short time even more than torrential. Where it rains, it becomes a flood situation. The occurrence of cloudburst is estimated to occur at an altitude of 15 km from the earth.

Why burst Clouds?

Due to the amount of water in the cloud, walking slows down. Such clouds get stuck in mountainous areas. For this reason, the amount of moisture in the clouds suddenly increases. In such a situation, it rains several lakh liters of water, and this waterfalls at a limited place: water. And the flood-like situation becomes in those areas. Clouds burst even when hot air hits.

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