After Corona, now the zoo of Delhi has also opened.

After Corona, now the zoo of Delhi has also opened.

The zoo is open for tourists.

As you know: the Corona epidemic was spread all over the country but it is not completely over yet: it still remains a threat. The second wave of the corona was the most dangerous in which many people lost their lives due to a lack of oxygen. Many states across the country were greatly affected, one of which was the state of Delhi:

Today is a very happy day for Delhi, which has been hit by Corona: Because the birdhouse has opened, all the children who were staying at home due to the fear of Corona. He is seen playing in the birdhouse today. Corona is not over yet: and in such a situation, what arrangements have been made in the Zoo to avoid corona, and it is also very important for people to know. Anyway, today is a rainy day: and it has been raining since morning, and the weather is still very pleasant.

Conversation with the Director of the Zoo.

But because of this rain, people came out of their homes: We also asked the director of Zoo about them, then it came to know that The way it was raining in the morning, we had no hope that such a large number of people would come, especially children. And when our team saw the report, it came to know that we were surprised to know that not only the children but also the parents of the elderly children took umbrellas in the rain. He had arrived before the zoo gate opened and got a very good response also the kids are very excited and maybe they are feeling good. Because maybe they got a chance to get out after a long time.

Conversation with the Director of the Zoo?

The zoo is closed on repayment and gets crowded on Saturday Sundays or whatever holidays it is. This means: that the Chidghar is filled with the whole crowd on that day, so people feel disappointed after coming in these days. So this big information should reach everyone so that everyone can have fun and no one should be disappointed. And go to oooh website to do the transaction and what slots are available also there is one more good thing. If you have booked your tickets for me and you cannot come due to any reason you can postpone or reschedule your ticket. and you can repeat this up to three times and if that even is available you can reschedule that day also else you can reschedule in these days. This information should also reach all the viewers.

Rules for visiting Zoo.

to Corona, if there is no crowd in the zoo, then the zoo people have started booking tickets online. This is also a good thing: And whenever you go to visit the zoo, you have to remember that no more than 1500 people will be given entry in one shift. Also, people will have to follow the corona rule strictly. And to deal with Corona, very strict attention and follow-up arrangements have been kept in the Zoo.

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