A video went viral on social media in which Langur sat for 3 hours during Ram Katha.

A video went viral on social media in which Langur sat for 3 hours during Ram Katha.

Dim langurs, additionally called Hanuman langurs or Hanuman monkeys, are Old World monkeys local to the Indian subcontinent comprising the variety Semnopithecus. Customarily only one animal type Semnopithecus entellus was perceived, however since around 2001, extra species have been perceived. The scientific categorization has been in motion, yet presently eight species are perceived.

Dim langurs are genuinely earthly, occupying timberland, open gently lush environments, and metropolitan regions on the Indian subcontinent. Most species are found at low to direct heights, yet the Nepal dim langur and Kashmir dim langur happen up to 4,000 m (13,000 ft) in the Himalayas.

These langurs are to a great extent dim (some more yellowish), with a dark face and ears. Remotely, the different species primarily vary in the murkiness of the hands and feet, the general tone, and the presence or nonappearance of a peak. Commonly all north Indian dark langurs have their tail tips circling towards their head during a relaxed walk while all south Indian and Sri Lankan dim langurs have an upset “U” shape or an “S” tail carriage pattern. There are likewise critical varieties in the size contingent upon the sex, with the male consistently bigger than the female. The head-and-body length is from 51 to 79 cm (20 to 31 in). Their tails, at 69 to 102 cm (27 to 40 in) are in every case longer than their bodies. Langurs from the southern piece of their reach are more modest than those from the north. At 26.5 kg (58 lb), the heaviest langur at any point recorded was a male Nepal dim langur. The bigger dim langurs are adversaries for the biggest types of monkeys found in Asia. The normal load of dark langurs is 18 kg (40 lb) in the guys and 11 kg (24 lb) in the females.

It is a belief in our scriptures that Bajrang Bali Hanuman came to earth in the form of a monkey. The proverb goes so far as to say that where there is a story of Ram, Bajrang Bali must have come upon him in some form or the other. Ram Katha went on in such a place and a langur came and he kept listening to Ram Katha for 3 hours, now this story has started going viral on social media. And at the same time, he was a symbol of Ram Bhakt Langur Hanuman Ji.

At one place Ramcharitmanas was being recited, the narrators are describing the character of Lord Rama with full devotion. The sound is going far and wide on the loudspeaker: but here the people who are reciting Ramcharitmanas are present with this langur. It is said that where the story of Lord Ram is going on, that Hanuman Ji becomes present directly, this news is becoming fiercely viral with some similar claims. In this news we have learned that this langur is present at the time of recitation of Ramcharitmanas, sometimes it sits as if listening to the story. Enjoying it, sometimes Ram lies down on the throne of the story. This langur sometimes shares sweets with the narrator, then sometimes starts to caress the narrator, sitting on his lap with the priest, and expresses his soul in his own way. A video of it went viral on social and its news started spreading far and wide.

Langurs generally walk quadrupedally and invest a large portion of their energy on the ground and the other half in the trees. They will likewise make bipedal bounces, climbing and diving upholds with the body upstanding, and jumps. Langurs can jump 3.6–4.7 m (12–15 ft) on a level plane and 10.7–12.2 m (35–40 ft) in slipping.

This video was investigated and after investigation, it was found that this video is of Chanda village of Godda district of Jharkhand. This video is from last August 21, when Ramcharitmanas was being recited in the local Shiva temple. Local people told that while reciting Ramcharitmanas, a langur came to the forest and sat on the diameter of Ramayana worship, people were scared to see him.

Anupam Mishra Eyewitness

Ramcharitmanas started on Sunday 21st August at 8:45 am, during that time Bajrang Bali came comfortably and came in front of all the sadhus and touched their hair. And Vyas started saying a little bit about Mich, coming on the throne, he slept where the Prasad was kept, he did not eat anything and did not harm anyone.

The behavior of this langur was completely different, he was not producing any kind of product, he did not even touch those who were offered the fruits of the story. Seeing this, the devotees felt that Hanuman Ji had come to listen to the story of Rama.

The same incident happened in Madhya Pradesh also.

While investigating, another video was found in which the langur had suddenly reached during Ram Katha. This news of Madhya Pradesh: Where Ram Katha was going on the stage, during this time a langur reached near the sadhu saints. The langur went to all the sadhus from Bari Bari, it seemed that he was taking blessings from the saints, this news also became very viral on social media.

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