A very dangerous accident happened in Kashmir in which the news of cloudburst came.

A very dangerous accident happened in Kashmir in which the news of cloudburst came.

Clouds burst in Kashmir’s Kishtwar area.

This accident happened in the Kishtwar area of Kashmir, one of the most beautiful states of India. Here too, due to heavy rains, there are floods, as well as people are facing many problems. Now after the rain, the cloud burst in this area. Due to this, there has been a lot of damage as well as 4 people have died and more than 40 people are missing: Many houses have been washed away in this flood. And not only here, but the news of cloudburst has also come to light in Lahore Smriti of Himachal Pradesh.

Cloud burst in Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul Smriti area.

A bridge has been washed away in the flash flood that came here. A red alert was issued for 8 to 48 hours in the areas of Himachal Pradesh. When there is a dangerous storm from the sky, then some dangerous and terrible conditions are seen on the ground. In this flood, the flow of black debris is progressing very fast. as if there is an insistence on covering everything openly. In the news of this bridge flowing, it came to know that the name of that moment is Jahmana bridge. Who has now got swept away in this black sludge which is no longer left: And due to the breakdown of this bridge, the connection of Udaipur to Kailash has been lost. A lot of cloudburst incidents have been reported in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday. Half a dozen drains of Himachal Pradesh have been flooded due to cloudbursts. At present, the news of which water damage has come to light. The cloudburst incident in Lahore brought back horrifying memories of Kangra district two weeks ago when the disaster swept through. And many people had lost their lives:

At present, the threat of natural calamity in Himachal Pradesh is not over yet, dark clouds are still making dark in many areas of Himachal Pradesh. Ready to rain down. Due to the dark clouds being surrounded in Himachal Pradesh, there is an atmosphere of panic even during the day. Although the tourists coming to Shimla are enjoying it, but if the meteorological department believes, then water can fall on their plan at any time. The Meteorological Department of Himachal Pradesh has predicted torrential rains in many parts, especially Kangra, Mandi, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Sirmaur a red alert has been issued for the areas. According to the Director of Meteorological Department Surendra Pal, then this condition can remain for 3 days. So if you live in Himachal Pradesh or you go to visit there then be careful: And if any of your acquaintances live there or have gone to roam there, then inform them too.

so that they can be helped and you too will be happy to help them.

A huge accident in America country.

Also, due to bad weather, a huge car accident news was revealed. This accident happened on Milley County Highway of America country. In which 20 vehicles collided together and 7 people died in it. This accident happened due to the blizzard caused by bad weather. We all know that on Highkuye, the vehicles run at very high speed, so if a car collides there or stops suddenly, then such accidents come to the front.  But this accident did not happen because of speed, but because of bad weather:


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