4 Amazing Trekking Destination of Dehradun

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One of the well-known and vast places of India Dehradun is the capital of Uttrakhand state of India. Situated at the Garwal region of Uttrakhand, Dehradun lies 236 kilometres from the capital city Delhi. Dehradun is steadily turning into a favourite tourist spot among the travellers across India. It can be visited at any time in the year. A Dehradun tour is perfect for nature, culture and relaxation. It has so much to offer to the travellers who wish to visit this beautiful place. Some places the tourist are attracted towards is hills station, waterfalls, green forest, wildlife, holy temples and much more. Waterfalls add extra excitement and an attraction amongst the captivating beauty of this tourist spot. There are several tourist spots that the traveller can visit 2-3 days of stay in Kohlapur. Let us splash through some amazing trekking place of Dehradun that is worth visiting.

Barlow Ganj

Barlow Ganj is a charming little district in Mussoorie. Barlow Ganj is one of the sought after place within the most visited destinations. An undeniably popular travel destination, Barlow Ganj is a memorable escape with its famous sites and fine dining. For the enthusiastic walker, Barlow Ganj is bliss. The paved road winds along, offering-breath taking views of the lower hills, green valleys and tiny villages perched precariously on patient hillsides. Barlowganj has three or four cafes that is really these tea stalls offering piping hot noodles, strong sweet tea, fresh buns and fluffy omelettes.

BhadRaj Temple

Bhadraj Temple is situated near Mussoorie and offer a panoramic view of higher Himalayan peaks like Swargrohini & Bandarpunch. It is an ideal spot for trekking via Park toll-clods end, Dudhi. Bhadraj Temple is dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra, brother of Lord Krishna. There are a few trekking places close to the temple. So, if you love to participate in adventurous activities, you can join that. There are multiple shelters in temple premises with large open areas with seats made of rock. The best time to visit Bhadraj is post-monsoon. This place can be visited as a one day trip from Mussoorie.

Robber’s Cave

Also known as Gucchu Pani, Robber’s Cave situated at a short distance from Dehradun is a place for travellers to experience a primaeval-like atmosphere. It is basically a form of a cave with water flowing from the middle of it. A trip to Robber’s Cave is truly a thrilling experience for travellers as it offers an adventure tagged with fun. The cave is around 600 meters long and has the highest fall of around 10 meters. In the central part of the cave, there is a fort wall structure which is now broken. The cave has some extraordinary cold spring in the underground which in turn relaxes the body against the blistering heat.


Dakhpathar is a beautiful picnic spot that offers various recreational activities like canoeing, boating, water skiing, sailing and hovercraft to tourists. Dakpathar is naturally exotic surrounded by forest and bejewelled with lush green lawns and gardens. You can enjoy rafting on the unpolluted water of the river Yamuna in the place. Another attraction of Dakpathar is rock edict of Ashoka at Kalsi. The Asan Barrage water sports is the best amongst all with its facilities. Dakpathar’s natural beauty is partially due to nearby Yamuna Hydel Scheme which makes Dakpathar a fantastic tourist spot.

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